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பாதை மறந்த பேதை

28 November 2010 10 Comments

A woman trusts her entire existence to spend a night with a man, only to realize that he is a loser. The pains of young woman, who has forgotten her roots.. Succinctly captured in my 26th poem..

பாதை மறந்த பேதை

தடையை மறைத்தது மோஹம்
அவளை மயக்கியது தாகம்
விவேகம் இல்லாத ஒரு வேகம்
காதலியை வென்றது காமம்

சம்மதம் சொன்னது பார்வை
முத்துக்களாய் மின்னும் வேர்வை
தன்னையே விரித்தாள் பாவை
பாதை மறந்தாள் பேதை

பகலில் வெளுத்தது வண்ணம்
தங்கம் இல்லை, அவன் தகரம்
கலைந்தது அவள் கண்ட கனவு
மிஞ்சியது வஞ்சகனின் நினைவு

கதறி அழுதது உள்ளம்..
கண்ணில் கரைந்தது வெள்ளம்..
பிறையை கவர்ந்தது மேகம்
அவள் நெஞ்சில் நிலைத்து சோகம்

பாதையை மறந்தாள் பேதை..
இவள் கலியுகத்தின் கோதை..
விடையில்ல ஒரு விடுகதை…
இவள் முடிவறியா தொடர்கதை..

Translations below…

Paadhai marandha paedhai

ThaDaiyai maraiththadhu moham
AvaLai mayakkiyadhu dhaagam
Vivekam illadha oru vaegam
Kaadhaliyai vendradhu kaamam

sammadham sonnadhu paarvai
muthukaLaai minnum vaervai
Thannaiyae viriththaaL paavai
paadhai marandhaaL paedhai

Pagalil Vezhuththadhu vannam
Thangam illai, avan thagaram
kalaindhadhu avaL kanda kanavu..
Minjiyadhu vanjakanin nenaivu..

Kadhari azhudhadhu uLLam..
Kannil karaindhdhu veLLam..
Pirai-yai kavarndhadhu maegam…
AvaL naenjil niLaithadhu soogam..

Paadhaiyai marandhaaL paedhai..
IvaL kaliyugaththin kodhai..
ViDaiyilla oru Vidugadhai…
IvaL Mudivariyaaa thodarkadhai..

A woman who forgot her ways!

The restrictions were forgotten in lust..
She is fainting in a unique thirst..
A speed.. which is not accompanied by wisdom..
The heroine was won over by Infatuation..

The eyes gave the approval..
The sweat was glowing like pearl..
The woman spread herself..
The woman forgot her roots..

The colours faded in the sunlight..
He is not pure gold.. but just a rusted iron..
Shattered were her colourful dreams..
She was just left of the cunning man..

Helplessly cried out her heart..
A flood was melting in her eyes..
A cloud covered the crescent moon..
As sadness established itself in her heart..

The woman forgot her roots..
This is the fate of modern day’s kodhai
An clueless puzzle she is..
A story without direction.. she is..

(Kodhai, also known as AanDal fell in love with Lord Venkateshwara.. She was so much in love with him that Lord came down to earth and married her.. But for a woman so much in love today, this is the fate! An irony!)




  • Rajasekar said:

    Reminds me the dialogue of Vadivel/Vivek: Adhu epdiya intha ponnunga thedi thedi Fraud panravan, pithalaatam panravanayae virumburaanga 😉 😛

    Liked it dude 🙂

  • Anonymous said:

    great improvisation…. appreciate your effort writing in Tamil… good luck for your TAMIL PAADAM 🙂

  • Arun said:

    Awesome poem! I was flat when you read this out. Glad you got your tamil fonts sorted out 🙂

  • Sundar Rajan G S said:

    Thank you all.. Yes.. tamil font is a progress 🙂

  • Usha Krish said:

    Fabulous kanna… I enjoyed it and connected to someone we know(at least part of the story from your kavidhai)… very true for many more out there!

  • Usha Krish said:

    நெஞ்சில் நிலைத்து சொகம்

    Sogam should be SOOgam… rettai kombu SO…

  • Sundar Rajan G S said:

    Thanks a lot usha attai.. how r u doing.. glad you liked it.. yes you are right.. It should be Soogam.. should be fixed..

  • priya said:

    wow nice 1 yaar very good 😀

    and this is getting intrested line to line awsome

  • kokila said:

    Good one!!!


    Manasa Koduthalum romba romba valikum….

    Eamaravanga erukura varaikum eamathuravanga erupaanga 🙁

    Girls boys nu solla mudiyadhu..

  • Sundar Rajan G S (author) said:

    @Kokila, @Priya: thanks a lot..

    @Kokila.. totally agree with you in ur views..