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20 February 2011 3 Comments

Beaten and bruised.. Today he is lost! But he will be back.. and back so strongly.. to stamp his authority on this earth! – AaLavaruvaan! – My 38th Poem. (Inspired by a LoTR poem)

Image from here.

ஆள வருவான்!

தேடும் துறவி துலைத்தவன் இல்லை..
தங்கம் என்றும் மின்னுவதில்லை..
கதிரவன் இரவில் உதிப்பதில்லை..
தோல்வி என்றும் நிரந்தரம் இல்லை..

பூமியை பொழந்து எழுந்து வருவான்..
சூறாவளி போல் பறந்து வருவான்..
இருளில் ஒளியாய் திரண்டு வருவான்..
தர்மத்தை நிலை நாட்ட வருவான்..

காத்திருந்து பார்!
இவன் ஆள வருவான்!

The english meaning is as follows:

He will come and rule us!

The saint who searches is not lost.. There are going to be tough days.. The gold doesnt always glitter.. There are going to be non-shiny days.. Even the sun doesnt glow in the night.. The defeat which he is facing today is not permanent..

He will come out by breaking the earth.. He will come out by flying like a cyclone..
He will come out like the light amidst darkness.. He will come out the stamp the rule of righteousness..

Wait and watch.. He will come and rule us!

The tamil script is as follows:

Thaedum thuravi thulaiththavan illai..
Thangam endrum minnuvadhillai..
Kadhiravan iravil udhippadhillai..
tholvi endrum nirandharam illai..

Bhumaiyai poLandhu yezhundhu varuvaan…
SuraavaLi pol parandhu varuvaan…
IruLil oliyaai varuvaan…
Dharmaththai nilai naatta varuvaan…

Kaathirundhu paar!
Ivan AaLavaruvaan!




  • Ganesan said:

    Realy Good!

    photo also resembles “Kalki Avathar”.

    Which you are referring to, is within us.
    I believe in, that I am the cause of my destiny.

    Yada rahitam atmanam
    Bhuendriya gunasayaih
    Svarupena mayopetam
    Pasyan svarjyam rcchati.

    He resides as atman in our heart. How for we are utilizing him, that really matters.

    What is the necessity to search him in temples?

    I happily accept him in my heart.

    What else you want?

  • Arun Kanagasabapathy said:

    nice poem

  • Sundar Rajan G S (author) said:

    @Ganesh anna: Nice lines.. 🙂

    @Arun: Thanks man 🙂