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Abhiruchi Thatte – Song Bird from Tansen Nagari – Part 3

12 July 2010 5 Comments

Please find the first part and the second part of the interview with Abhiruchi Thatte here. Let us continue with the last part of the interview.

You can watch abhiruchi performing for Sare Gaana here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G3CG2SkSlSc

Coffee With Abhiruchi Thatte

Me: Sundar Rajan G S
AT: Abhiruchi Thatte

Me: You mentioned that there are many things going around in this industry which ordinary people like us don’t know. You also mentioned that it is not just about talent. Can you share your experiences of what are the many things which you learnt your experience..

AT: In this industry, only talent does not matter.. Luck is equally important as well.. Moreover when we have so many talented people.. sometimes you wonder if it is the only key to success.

Me: Can you talk a bit about how you felt when you got rejected in the theatre round of Indian Idol.. And compare & contrast with the ETV show win.. I am trying to capture the difficulties and the joys involved in chasing your dreams so that people dont think it is a cake walk always..

Ans: I felt terrible and hopeful at the same time. I was the last contestant that day which i thought was my day of fate. There were 99 other singers ahead of me. I waited for my turn from 6 am in the morning to 6 pm eve after that somewhere in my heart i knew that this is not gonna be my day, But still I performed and gave my 99%. I guess the lack of 1% made a big difference.. I was out of theatre round, I was dissappointed, sad, feeling guilty as I was not able to fullfill my parents dreams. My Dad was not there as he was in Gwalior but he told me that this is not the end.. rather it is the beginning and my friend Gaurav was there with me to support me so i came out of it happily and i am all set again.

Me: I sure agree with you on this.. Its all about setting out again without giving up.. What are your other interests apart from music?

AT: Apart from music, I love to do sketching. My Mother wanted me to learn drawing initially but i never did that for which I still regret. I started with Aishwarya Rai’s portrait (because I think she has got gr8 features) when I was in school I guess 8th grade but before that I used to draw different different faces. After that I tried my hands on many other actors too and then for the first time I made a sketch of my friend and I am continuing this journey till now. Apart from this, I like to play Guitar too. I have started learning guitar few months back and hope too play it as good as my brother soon 🙂

Me: Thats really cool.. Readers, check out Abhiruchi’s self portrait here.. When I tried my hand in drawing her.. I must admit.. It didnt come out anywhere close to what Abhi has created..

Me: Can you talk a bit more about your sketching skills?

AT: Sketching is my hobby, i love to draw portraits. I used to draw lanscapes when i was in school but after that i tried my hand on portrait and my first sketch was of Aishwarya Rai’s Devdas pose. It came out well so after that i started making portraits only. I use normal HB pencil for outlining and shading. I have inherited this thing or you can say talent from my loving Mother, she is very good in drawings. She was very kneen and wanted me to learn drawing but i refused coz i thought i was not that strong enough to pursue many things at the same time but i regret it now. I have never tried coloring.. When I was drawing landscapes.. I used colours like pastels and water colors.. Now I only use HB pencil some times charcoals for darker shading. I do sketch because i think it is the best way to capture your inner feeling

Me: So, How do you differentiate between hobby and professional aspiration… I am sure you singing is your dream.. But sketching, dancing guitar etc are your hobbies. Can you talk about how do you differentiate them..

AT: Singing is my passion and yes it is my dream too… So in my case i enjoy doing Reyaaz as its helps in reducing stress too. So each day i try to do it as soon as i reach home from work.. Otherwise i keep singing old songs of Lata ji and Asha Ji, Madam Mohan ji all the time.. My roommate has to say that stop it please sing something else 🙂 Well jokes apart.. this way i do it and it gives me immense joy and i feel relaxed.

Apart from music Sketching, playing Guitar and reading books are my other hobbies. I do sketching when ever i feel like taking out my emotions, when ever i feel alone or i feel happy. I pore my emotions in to my sketches and this is the way i express my feelings so honestly I don’t have to take out time to sketch.. I do it whenever i feel like. Furthermore, Dancing is the other thing which i love to do, i go party with my friends or just enjoy myself at home.

My brother is a very good guitar player, I used to play before him and he got the inspiration from me only.. but now i can proudly say that he play a way better then me and now i feel inspired by him. So i don’t allocate time to any of my hobby but my time get allocated to them automatically. Moreover I not only sing classical and lite music but also western. so i do practise for that too.

Me: Abhi, one final question, What is your message for budding singers & aspiring artists?
AT: I will just say that singing should not be seen as a path to fame… It is very important that and everyone who sings and wishes to sing should remember this.. Otherwise it would be difficult for any one to survive as this field is very competitive and full of drama. It is more important to enjoy the singing..

The other most important thing is to learn very basic lessons.. Good knowledge of music is very important for any artist because without it you might be able to get acknowledged some where but you will not be able to stand there for long time. So learn as much as you can and Riyaaz this is the only key to success.

Me: Thank you so much Abhiruchi! It was a pleasure to have you on this show. All the best for your future endeavours.. I am sure you are going to come out in flying colours..

AT: Thanks a lot! I too enjoyed being a part of the show!

Readers, hope you enjoyed this edition of Coffee with Sundar! The earlier editions can be seen here.




  • Nupur Shrivastava said:

    Hey abhi,

    It’s very nice. Keep it up. 🙂

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    dee i thought apki gtar ki inspiration me tha.. 🙁
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    n u blastsss!!!!…grt

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    Gr8 Abhi!!!

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    Good to know about Abhiruchi. 🙂