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About CWS

Coffee With Sundar is my hobby blog.. A place where I share things which I talk over coffee..This includes interesting conversations which I strike with passionate people.. my art pieces and tamil poetries apart from generic views and opinions once in a while..

f. CWS makes humble beginnings in Aug 2007

About Me: I am Sundar.. A tamilian born and brought up in Bangalore.. An Indian working in London.. Once upon a time, I was a geek who graduated as comp science engineer from NIT Trichy.. As a past time, I started CWS while working at Google.. Never did I imagine that CWS would  turn out to be one of the most significant life changing moments of my life… It made believe that I could be more than an engineer.. So I went ahead pursued my management degree.. After my conveyor belt journey from IIMB.. battered and tattered.. I got into cartooning big time.. before joining an investment bank.. From cartoons, one thing led to another and I pursued art.. From art.. one thing led to another and I fell in love with tamil poetry..


CWS adorns a new look and moves to http://coffeewithsundar.com

I treat CWS as my kid.. We both share the same birthday.. Although, I started CWS blog in August 2007, It was only on March 19th 2008 when I officially moved it to coffeewithsundar.com CWS has been an amazing companion for me.. It has evolved with me.. I dont know really know if I am changing because of CWS or CWS is changing because of me.. But we both keep changing for the good (hopefully) 🙂 Hope you find this journey as exciting as I do..

Coffee With Sundar

Contacting Me: You can contact me at Sundar Rajan daaawt G daawt S at the rate google’s mail service, which is gmail 🙂