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Aha Moment 44: Namaste – The divine bow

6 August 2011 7 Comments

Hi All,

Here is my latest art work. Acrylic paint on Canvas.

“Namaste – The divine bow”

From The Aha Moment of the Week

Bow to the divine within..
Bow to the divine around..

From The Aha Moment of the Week

All my art works can be found here: Aha Moments Album




  • arun said:


  • anand said:

    great thing that u continue pushing the boundary! This one is extra-awesomeness! continue to amaze us!

  • Sukanya said:

    Excellent work Ambi.

  • vj said:

    Good one – hope you are having a good time with your Calligraphy pens !!

  • ES said:

    Beautiful painting and nice interviews you have on your blog. Good initiative. Keep continuing 🙂

  • pravin said:

    I want to say good work, and i think that it took really much time to make it beautiful, simply awesome 🙂