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Aha Moment – Just Play it!

20 November 2011 9 Comments

Hi All,

My tryst with art started out as fun activity with random attempts at Cartooning! Today, It has come a long way from that.. Well, this is my 50th art piece! Thanks a lot for all the support.

This contemporary Indian art piece is based on the concept – Just play it! The subject (inspired by Lord Shiva) is clearly an Indian, but neither the clothing nor the instrument suggests the same.. But the message clearly shows that Indians are doing things which they have never done before.. It need not be the way.. the world expects them to do it.. They just do it their way!


From The Aha Moment of the Week

The journey has just began. Still a long way to go!

All my previous art works can be seen here.




  • Naresh said:

    nice one
    i cant even find out if its a man or woman who is playing it … 😀

  • Prasanna said:

    It is v.v. good!


  • Sundar Rajan G S (author) said:

    Hi Naresh, Prasanna,

    Thanks a lot! Naresh, the face is inspired by lord shiva..

  • Sukanya said:

    Kalakkita …. very nice concept… 🙂

  • sivaram said:

    Dear Sundar

    kudos for your perseverance
    Nice one

  • anand babu said:

    kolaveri machi !

  • Subha said:

    Do I need to say? 😛 Awesome!