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B I shower calls on me :-)

8 January 2008 No Comment

Hi Guys,

You all saw my score in my previous post! With those score, I didnt knw whether to expect call or not! I was very tensed!

My di score (80.7%) was too low to expect any call! But thank god, I got calls from IIM B (My dream) and IIM I. (Others didnt want me in!)

I am fine with it! But alteast, got these two!! I am very happy!!

Infact I prayed that I will do a “vennai alankaram” for anjaneya temple!! Then rashmi shows up online & asks for my registration number! She is the one with Midas Touch!

I get 2 calls! I am very relieved!! 🙂

More updates later. I am very very happy! I thanked god! Told the score to every one at house!! Called my father and rashmi!

C u guys later!! I am very excited!

Just to remind,

I got 99.59 overall, qa – 99.56, va – 99.66 (never expected any of these 3 to be so high) and the di – 80.7 ( never expected this to play spoil sport as well! :-))

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