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Be a Seeker! Happy 2012

31 December 2011 6 Comments

Hi All,

Time just flies.. 31.5 million seconds have silently ticked away from the start of the year. I vividly remember this day last year.. I had taken a day off from work to clean up the website and write the message – “Be Awesome – Happy 2011“.. Between that day and today, CWS has also clocked quite a few important moments!

Before I go into it, I want to put in a strong disclaimer.. Look what banking does to you. You start off with a disclaimer 😛

A parent of a 3 year old will find his or her child’s developments to be very special.. Although, in the bigger scheme of human existence, the child is not doing anything exemplary.. You may call it love, bonding etc or if you are cynical.. you can term it as emotional attachment, stupidity etc.. Well the fact is it exists..

Such is my love for my 3 year old CWS… Yes! CWS completed 3 years in March 2011 with some amazing interviews.. The likes of Chinmayi (playback singer) and Arvind Gupta (Toy Maker) were featured.. It scaled new heights to interview a couple of Padmashri awardees as well – (Ananda Shankar Jayant and Anil Gupta).. Still a long way to go in its journey.. But what joy is it if we dont sit back and enjoy some interesting milestones along the way.. Yes! CWS completed 100 interviews this year.. Ofcourse, the journey has only began.. Still a long way to go in pursuit of the role models for Indian youth..

From The Aha Moment of the Week

This CWS story made me realize that I look at myself as an Venture Capitalist.. The VC who invests in various potentials in me.. Some of them click.. Some of them see the light at the end of the tunnel.. Most of them dont.. But the ones which click go some distance.. It was an interesting year.. My tryst with craziness continued as I was intellectually curious and continued to learn from different aspects of life..

Life.. they say is a journey to find a direction.. and this year.. I just did that.. I was looking for a direction in everything I did.. be it work.. or cws interviews or books or poems or art works.. In everything, I was consciously searching for my niche.. A light that would guide me in the long run.. In some I found my purpose.. in many I didn’t..

For example.. I read books voraciously.. as though I had never seen books before.. I didn’t just read text books but all kind of crazy books.. On a wide ranging topic from Buddhism to banking.. from fiction to philosophy.. I realized that there is just too much to learn.. I was clear I had a to find my niche.. else I would continue to search indefinitely.. Sometimes.. the mind never lets you open your eyes.. But when you find your purpose.. the mind doesn’t let you close it either..

There was a common string across everything I did.. The very thought of India, Indian culture, food, languages, art, history, geopolitics, challenges at hand, the future… excited me.. it turned me on.. India was what I was fascinated about.. So much more to learn from India.. So much more to learn about India! So much more to give back to India! There was India in everything I did.. Coffee With Sundar was searching for India’s role models.. Aha Moments, my art works were based on Contemporary Indian themes..

“Go as far as you can see; when you get there you’ll be able to see farther” ~Thomas Carlyle The search has only began.. but I realized that it is worth searching.. I also realized, more of then than not.. the search within would involve facing some serious questions from heart.. the ones which I had conveniently evaded all these years..

“Eagerness to learn is the beginning of all wisdom.” said Akbar the Great!
Experiment till you find what you are searching for.. To be awesome, one must constantly be seeking.. Just like buddha’s gyaanoodaya.. hopefully, one would achieve a state of clarity… A stage when self doubt turns to confidence..just that right amount of confidence.. not too much.. not too little, but just the right amount that you complete the journey one has embarked on..

Remember.. your mind is your final frontier and being awesome is just a state of mind.. To be in that state.. one should persistently be a seeker.. Seeking makes you humble because there is so much to learn.. And always seek excellence.. As Robin Sharma says.. Excellence is not for someone else to notice but for your own satisfaction and efficiency..

A new year is dawning at us.. Be awesome! And to be awesome, be a seeker.. Be a seeker! Happy 2012!

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  • Kalyan said:

    You have done a great job in 2011. May you scale new heights in 2012 as well. All the best and happy new year da

  • sivaram said:

    Dear Sundar
    as you said every thing you do is looking great to me and out of the moon , so I am not the person to rate your achievements and the works you do.
    love and regards

  • Arun said:

    Well written article. Nicely captured thoughts! Was honoured to read it.
    Thanks Sundar.

  • Sundar Rajan G S said:

    thanks a lot arun, appa and kalyan.. Glad you liked the post!

  • Vidya said:

    “Seeking makes you humble because there is so much to learn” how true. Congratulations on a wonderful journey. Looking forward to more milestones