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Be Awesome – Happy 2011

31 December 2010 14 Comments

I distinctly remember this time of last year, when I wrote a blog post – Grow up once again – Happy 2010. Well, it shows that I didnt write anything else the whole of last year! :P.. But that was not what I was getting to… 😛 I wanted to say.. time & tide certainly wait for none! 🙂 Another year comes.. Another year goes..

Looking back, It was an interesting year! At times, I chose to be crazy… At other times, craziness chose me!! 😛 I did things which I could never imagine doing! What would you say about taking a weekday off from work and watching Endhiran movie back to back twice? 😛 Or Even better.. How about this.. Calling a girl’s father and asking if he could give his daughter’s hand for someone who is 2 months younger? (which is me :-P.. Btw, that was for an arranged marriage & of course, you can guess the result! 😛 Because slippers are not transferable through ISD calls, I survived :P) Well, It wasn’t all that crazy always.. But I lived my life with a single principle.. “At 60, would I ever repent for doing or not doing an act?” This question brings a clarity at times of clutter.. A method in the times of madness.. A solution in the times of confusion.. In the process.. I learnt a whole of things things..

I learnt that it doesnt matter what others think about you or your pursuits.. What might be crazy for you.. might just be a routine task for another.. So don’t be surprised when you hear “Oh, come on! Whats so great about it!” Earlier, I used to talk a lot about what I plan to do etc.. But soon I learnt to shut up (Actually 25 years is not soon.. but better late than never :P) especially talking about important things in life! 🙂 (Which probably explains, why I talk & talk… and talk only non-sense :P) Even research says that when goals and dreams are spoken out aloud before completion, our mind tends to get satisfied earlier and stops giving its fullest.. (Courtesy: TED)

Another interesting thing I learnt was.. When you go to your limits.. nothing happens.. 😛 your limits just keep expanding.. As Robin Sharma says, when you surf the wave, the wave gets bigger.. 🙂 I tried a lot of things this year pushing my limits.. Ofcourse, you see some manifestation of those in the form of Aha Moments and Tamil Kavidhai.. I tried a hundred other things.. Some of them succeeded.. A good number of them failed.. I just realized that there is so much to learn.. Learning everyday is the only way to stay young!

Speaking about learning, I learnt something very interesting about learning.. Btw, by learning, I am not just talking about mugging for exams in IIMB or NIT Trichy.. How can I forget the super cramming for FSA regulations… Phew!! It was really crazy to come back home at 9:30 pm and study regulatory & legal rants and then off I leave to work next morning at 8 am.. I am not talking about those.. In general, pursuit of knowledge is very very difficult I felt.. because, it required me to come of my comfort zone..

Till today, I suck badly in geography.. (for that matter, history, biology, organic chemistry, physics.. whatever.. So much for choosing an example :P) But I am so blissfully ignorant about it.. To improve in geography (which I haven’t done so far), requires me to come out of my comfort zone.. It requires me to place myself in completely uncomfortable state.. Same was the case with holding a pencil or pen for poem.. On day one, you are going to suck big time.. Coming out of the comfortable mediocrity state of life is generally very difficult! If you can do that.. it is definitely worth the effort..

‎As Brian Tracy says.. “You can only grow if you’re willing to feel awkward and uncomfortable when you try something new..” I tried a lot of new things this year.. A good number of my experiments this year was in a field… which I had never cared about or bothered  a year earlier.. it is called ARTS 🙂 Although my late awakening in arts is puzzling everyone around me.. (Actually there is a hypothesis that my great grand uncle’s paternal aunt’s maternal mother was an artist and I am carrying it in my genes..) Art did puzzle me in quite a few things… In the process of dabbling with arts, I learnt that there are some “talented” people! Bow! Hats off to all of them.. But I am not one among them.. I believe that hard work and passion are great substitutes for “talent”.. In general, as Robin Sharma says, Genius isn’t genetic. It’s engineered through conscious choices and daily practice.

From my experiments with truth (Oh sorry, that is already taken by Gandhi! :P), From my experiements with arts.. I am beginning to believe… insanity is the only rational way of passionate existence 🙂 Life like art, is quite undefined.. There is some method to the madness.. yet it doesn’t have a well defined output like a computer program.. There are guidelines, but not specifications.. In such an environment.. you need to be crazy by following your heart.. else you will be all over the place.. While being passionate.. there are going to be good days and not so good days… Every day is not going to be a master piece.. You know it very well.. that there are going to be arts (or days) which are not the best pieces of arts (best of your days).. But you can sleep peacefully at the end of the day, if you know that.. it was your best piece of art “you could have produce that day”.. You can sleep peacefully if you know that.. even though it wasnt your best of the days, you have done the best you could do that day! Giving your best is a very fulfilling experience irrespective of the results! Pursuit for excellence is the only thing that matters at the end of the day!

A new year is dawning at us.. And here is a great opportunity to start breathing at our best.. at every moment of life! Its a great time to start becoming awesome in whatever you do! Remember, as the great Kungfu Panda says.. There is no charge for Awesomeness!! “Be Awesome! Happy 2011”

I would like to end this post with quote from Mark Twain!

Work like you don’t need the money.
Love like you’ve never been hurt.
Sing like no-one’s listening.
Dance like no-one’s watching.
Live like there’s no tomorrow.


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  • Usha Krish said:

    Wish you a very happy new year too!!!! Your posts are fresh and funny.. I enjoy reading them. Warm hugs, Usha.

  • Sundar Rajan G S (author) said:

    @Usha Krish: Thanks atthai.. This was super fast.. 🙂

  • Anand said:


    its interesting to see the transformation to the art-lover from the 10 pointer 😛 great to see tat you get to dabble at so many things and being sincere at that.. can feel it in the bones that this year is going to be huge 🙂


  • Sundar Rajan G S (author) said:

    @Anandh: Ha ha.. thanks da.. Long way to go.. from pointer… I became a painter.. 😛 Spelling mistakes arent always bad .. ha ha ha 🙂

  • Vatsala said:


    Bindaas! 🙂

    Absolutely. Couldnt agree more. the one point, the only point one should keep in mind is “Jiyo Befikar” 🙂

    Great! 🙂

    Wish you yet another adventurous year and may you find your Mahalakshmi in this one 🙂

  • Sundar Rajan G S (author) said:

    @Vatsala: ha ha.. thank you very much.. you too should continue with your geeky instincts after you go to North India 🙂

  • Arun said:

    Profound thoughts !! 🙂

  • Sundar Rajan G S (author) said:

    Hey Arun.. Thanks a lot.. All our usual discussion only.. Vadivelu thathuvam only 😛

  • nitin said:

    Dude, I don’t know which blogging platform are you using but the smileys are an eye sore. The font face etc is not pleasing either. Otherwise I would have loved to stay and read some stuff here. I follow a lot of random blogs anyway.

  • Sundar Rajan G S (author) said:

    Hey Nitin,

    Thanks for the feedback.. Wish you a happy new year.. Hope you find this blog interesting! 🙂

  • Sivaram said:

    truly avesome.Wish you the best for your pusuits in 2011 too.

  • Sundar Rajan G S (author) said:

    @Sivaram: Thanks.. 🙂

  • Rajan said:

    Hi Sundar,
    Nice Post and thanks for the wishes. He(art)y wishes to you and hope you continue learning 🙂

  • Sundar Rajan G S (author) said:

    Thanks rajan.. happy new year to you too..