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Books which I have read

3 August 2007 No Comment

Here are some of the books which I have read of late.

Click on those for reviews.

1) The Argumentative Indian – Amartya Sen

This books talks about Indian Culture in general and argumentative nature in particular, which has been a part of the great Indian Culture. Its a nice book to read which enlightens us about out past. Its certainly not a easy read, but a very readable book.

2) The World is Flat – Thomas Friedman

This book is a very easy read book which talks about the impact of globalization. Talking about how globalization has levelled the field for any one to compete, Friedman gives a lot of examples how this “flattening” impacts various sectors of the society and what this “flattening” means to various parts of the world.

It might be a surprise for you if you have been ignorant of whats happening around you for the past few years!

I am reading Freakonomics now and post my comments about it after I read the book.



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