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[19 Mar 2011 | 4 Comments | ]
CWS completes 3 years searching for India’s role models!

Hi All, source: here I am very happy to inform you that it has been 3 years since I moved my website to http://coffeewithsundar.com From my experience I realized that.. there are a lot of amazing people out there.. They keep bumping into our lives.. And even before you realize.. they are gone.. in between, […]

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[2 Oct 2008 | One Comment | ]

Hi all, I am extremely happy to inform you all that Rohini Ramachandran a.k.a “Rora”, my NIT Trichy “Kandu” junior & IIM Batch mate has secured the prestigious Aditya Birla Scholarship. CWS had a quick chat with Rora [audio:http://coffeewithsundar.com/Rohini Ramachandran – final.mp3] She is circled in the photo below.. Ofcourse, you can also check out […]

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[18 Mar 2008 | 13 Comments | ]

If there is one word to describe Coffee With Sundar! – it is Serendipity! Yes! 8 months back I didnt have a blog. But today, Coffee With Sundar has come a long way. From an online journal, where I used to copy paste stuff from the web, today it has become something, which I breathe […]