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[25 Jan 2008 | 19 Comments | ]

Vandana was standing, watching her parents and grand parents leave her alone in hostel. She felt so bad that she cried.. Why did she feel so bad when she knew that she was going to meet them over the weekend? What made her ask in her mind “please stay with me for one more day!”The […]

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[23 Jan 2008 | 29 Comments | ]

Trinadh was walking back from his first year class room. He encountered 3 seniors on his way. Those guys asked him for his intro. While he was uttering his intro, they took to a second year hostel room. Seniors had a feast of him. They asked him embarassing questions and also to do embarassing things. […]

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[20 Jan 2008 | 11 Comments | ]

I just saw the squad announced for the ODIs at crickinfo. I am really really surprised by the fact that Ganguly is dropped! I think this is utter non sense. Infact, I am not a big fan of dada. Infact, I dont like dada at all. But think, this is gross injustice. He is fine […]

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[16 Jan 2008 | 17 Comments | ]

Saturday evening, in the twilight hour, I lethargically walk to the bus stop. A bus stops about 20m away from me (to my left). I run to catch it with 2 heavy bags (one is my back-pack, other my belly :-)) “Does it go to Ramamoorthy nagar?” “No!” I walk back very slowly. Almost at […]