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Chinmayi – Playback Singer & Voice Actor!

1 January 2011 21 Comments

Dear Readers,

Wish you all a very very happy 2011. We start this year with a very very special guest for CWS show. Please join me in welcoming Chinmayi – A playback singer in tamil movie industry who made a sizzling debut with Kannathil Muthamittal. A young woman, a multi-dimensional personality, Chinmayi is also a voice actor in Tamil films, a television presenter, a radio jockey, an active blogger, and founder and CEO of a translation services company called Blue Elephant.

Watch the rising star in action in the following video!

Me: Sundar Rajan G S
CS: Chinmayi Sripada – Playback singer!

Me: Hi Chinmayi, Welcome to the special show on Coffee With Sundar.. Can you please walk us through your journey of playback singing.. How you got started.. Who is your role model..

I belong to a classical music family. My mother is my Guru and training started very early as is the norm with families with Classical music lineage. My first opportunity – Kannathil Muthamittal came because I took part in Saptaswarangal on Sun TV. Srinivas who was my judge then, took me to Rahman sir. The main reason for my success is my mother.

Me: Can you share of your most enjoyable moments when singing for movies.. What are some of your best experiences..

CS: I wish I had made a log of these experiences. But I have loved this experience of working in Mangal Pandey when Javed Akhtar saab was reciting poetry, explaining his work and was also listening to Ashutosh Gowariker and Mr Ketan Mehta at Rahman sir’s studio.

Recording for Srikanth Deva is a lovely experience for every singer. He has a practice of giving a standing ovation, with everyone else in the room for the singer after a recording session.

Me: What do you think were your most important turning points of your life..

CS: Winning the All India Radio awards for Hindustani Classical and Ghazals.. Singing in Saptaswarangal.. Kannathil Muthamittaal.. Growing with Blue Elephant and winning the SAARC woman achiever’s award..

Me: Of all the song which you have sung, do you have any special favourites? Can you tell us why..

CS: Not really. Its hard to play favorites in the songs that I have sung 🙂 I guess I ll be partial to Kannathil Muthamittal because it is my first song.

Me: As a youngster who has achieved quite a lot.. ofcourse we all know that the best is yet to come.. how do you deal with the weights of expectations and celebrity life status..

CS: I don’t perceive myself as a celebrity at all. It seems to be a by-product of what I do which is singing. There are goals that I have set for myself in terms of music and learning. As for expectations of others, which I am not sure who the said ‘others’ in this context are, I cannot take so many opinions into consideration when making decisions about growth in life. My mother is my guide and I take her words as gospel in this aspect.

Me: What are the other challenges you have faced.. How did you cope with them..

CS: Every single performance and every single recording is a challenge to do your best. Otherwise you cease to exist and that is about it. So far I guess I have coped well though there is no step by step process of doing it 🙂

Me: We all know the singer in you.. But let us explore of the aspects which people are not aware of.. Let us start with your profound mastery of various languages.. You have learnt so many languages.. When did you start.. What keeps you going.. I think you know about 9 languages right?

CS: From School. By the time I had finished school Telugu, Hindi Tamil and Sankrit had all been by electives for languages at various stages. I had also finished a Diploma in German by the same time. Learnt a little bit of French. Urdu was also something I began learning due to my interest in Ghazals. So I guess I can safely say I know 6 languages well.

Me: CEO of BlueElephant.. Can you tell us more about your translation services company.. When did you start.. what is the story of BlueElephant..

In 2005 Blue Elephant was floated because I was already freelancing for the sake of gaining better experience and working knowledge in German. It started there when clients asked me for other languages and service. Blue Elephant was started with that notion to provide interpretation and translation services. We work only with native speakers of a language and have established a network of over 2500 linguists around the world for various specialities, dialects and languages. Today we continue to grow and expand our scope of services which will be announced soon.

Me: How did you enjoy your experience of voice dubbings.. What were some of your interesting learnings from them..

CS: Happened by chance again, with Sillunu oru Kadhal. I realized how much of effort goes into the film making process and started to respect the breed of film makers and the creative people involved in the entire process. They all are an amazing level of people. No matter what sort of films they make, I believe they are all special.

Me: Chimayi, the dancer 🙂 Can you enligten us more about your interests in odissi..

CS: I had always been interested in the dance form. Its beautiful and has lovely music as well. Though, unfortunately its currently on the backburner. But the embers are still glowing 🙂

Me: What else do you do..

CS: Blog sporadically, tweet often. Read a lot. I am a voracious reader. Otherwise I m unable to think of anything.

Me: Wow! Thats quite a lot.. What are your dreams & aspirations.. Where do you see yourself 5 or 10 years down the line…

CS: I have always believed in not discussing about my dreams or announcing my aspirations. I’d rather surprise people than let them know what to expect 🙂

Me: Absolutely! We are really eager to be surprised by you! Is there anything else you would like to add..

CS: Its been quite extensive. Guess you haven’t missed out anything!

Me: Thank you very much Chinmayi! It is a pleasure to host you on this interview show! Wish you a very very happy new year and all the very best for future endeavours!

Dear Readers, hope you enjoyed this edition of Coffee With Experts! I let you to enjoy one of my favourite songs of Chinmayi – Sahana Saaral Thoovudho Sahana Pookal Poothadho..

A very sincere and special thanks to Vatsala for helping in pulling off this interview and Mahesh for helping in redesigning the Coffee With Sundar website!

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Wish you all a very happy 2011 – Be AWESOME!




  • vetti said:

    actually the interview is more detailed than I expected. Good work, seems u have done some good amount of homework. I would have definitely asked about her compering career in ASS (Airtel Super Singer) :P. I always thought she was a great comperer. Def, kannathil muthamittal is fav for lot of people as she said. Overall, great job at picking a dynamic multi-faceted personality, probably one of your best interviews till date.

  • Sivaram said:

    Great, appreciate your quest to contact such people as well the depth of the knowledge/homework you have about them

  • Sundar Rajan G S (author) said:

    @Vetti Varun, @Sivaram: Thanks a lot.. Yes.. I did some detailed research for this interview 🙂 Glad you enjoyed it. 🙂

  • HT said:

    A good interview. One of my favourites among singers and comperers. Most recently she did Sangeetha maha Yuddam. Ashtavadani!

  • Rajasekar said:

    Great work 🙂

  • Vatsala said:

    Good to see Chinmayi’s interview on CWS! Go Chinmayi Go! We love the person that you are. And CWS is as enjoyable as ever! 🙂

    Happy 2011

  • Sundar Rajan G S (author) said:

    @HT Maam, @Vatsala, @Rajasekhar: Thanks a lot.. Glad you enjoyed the interview with a super talented lady.. 🙂

  • Ganesan V P said:

    Your interview was detailed and intresting.
    I have a doubt; is she was a host in vijay TV as well.

  • Sundar Rajan G S (author) said:

    @Ganesan: Thank you.. glad you liked it 🙂 Yes, she is the host on Vijay TV as well 🙂

  • kokila said:

    Great work sundar 🙂 Nice Interview 🙂

  • Sundar Rajan G S (author) said:

    Thanks kokila.. glad you liked it 🙂

  • K. Usha P. Rai said:

    Good interview. She has achieved a lot at this young age. I salute her!

  • Sundar Rajan G S (author) said:

    Thanks Maam.. glad you enjoyed it.. Indeed chinmayi has achieved a lot at young age.. but I do believe that the best is yet to come..

  • Anonymous said:

    I read the article and I really liked it..
    Thanks for the great post..

  • Arun Kanagasabapathy said:

    I am a great fan of Chinmayi! Thanks Sundar for the interview!
    I was so shocked the day you said you got her interview.

  • Sundar Rajan G S (author) said:

    @anonymous: Thanks a lot.. Please feel free to share your name next time..

    @Arun: ha ha.. Yes, chinmayi was kind enough to accept the interview.

  • Kalyan said:

    Good work Sundar for bringing my all time favorite personalities into your show. Cool interview it was any way. Keep going

  • nagi said:

    really you are an awesome singer.. .. .. love u so much dear sister.. .. ..

  • dinesh said:

    chinmayee you r awesome………. i love ur singing.. u r a multi faceted extremely talented! i love u a lot and a die hard fan of u…….

  • sandeep.n.r said:

    we wil be waiting for your next surprise Chinmayi,go on…………

  • saranya said:

    My fav singer…..awesme….cute…nd beauty…..cinmayi…..beautiful voice ilove u. . ..