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Coffee Events: IIM Bangalore presents VISTA

5 October 2008 2 Comments

The following is the official intro for vista… But let me tell you all that in just one sentence… Once of the biggest business festival in India – Vista!! Be there.. Be a part of the action.. Be there.. witness the best in action.

IIM B presents Vista – Oct 10th – 12th

If the events of IIMB were to attempt ballet, Vista would be the Prima Ballerina.

This three day business fest is the core initiative of the FII, and is organized in conjunction with other student clubs. Typically set in the month of October, Vista unfailingly attracts thousands of footfalls and hits in its real and virtual venues respectively every year. As the events unravel one after the other, the entire campus would descend into extreme levels of frenzied activity, with the brightest of minds clashing with the best of brains. What makes Vista a wholesome experience is that young managers as well as established veterans from the industry catalyse the generation of intellectual capital with their presence.

The scores of events lined up for the colossal fest have their bases in a multitude of focus areas like Marketing, Finance, Operations, Economics & Social Sciences, Strategy and IT. There’s something in Vista for anyone and everyone even remotely related to the field of management and business.

The spectrum of business is unendingly wide. This being the case, it is imperative that discussions are made to evolve and revolve around a central axis. This would ensure unity and utility of thoughts, and lend purpose to the exercises. We ensure this in each edition of Vista by setting our events to a specific contemporary theme. If it is “India Inc.” one year, it is “Business Beyond Boundaries” the next.

The meteoric rise of the emerging economies to the spotlight in the past decade, followed by the near-sudden decline of global economic health have together placed the world of business in a very interesting situation; a situation that defies conventional wisdom and marks the surge of new realities; a situation that demands that we all pause and take stock of the situation. And that, is precisely what Vista 2008 is all set to do in October, with the theme “Emerging Economies. Emerging Realities.”




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  • Events in Bangalore said:

    Vista by IIM Bangalore is considered as one of the best business festival in India so its an good opportunity for students to explore thier talent….