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Coffee Trends: IPL – What a success!!

2 June 2008 3 Comments

Indian Premier League (IPL) was undoubtedly quite a success.. It was more successful than what I had expected.. Although, I didnt support for Bangalore Royal Challengers.. I watched IPL reasonably closely.. Supporting Mumbai Indians.. And in the finals, I supported Rajasthan Royals.. On the whole, it was a quite a fun series.

There are few take aways from IPL..

* There is one thing to have an idea.. And completely different thing to execute it.. Just look at the difference between ICL and IPL.. IPL is an example of ‘Execution to Perfection’

* But we just cant take away credit from ICL here.. ICL brought in the competition.. BCCI was a monopoly till then.. It could have done much more to improve the Ranji Trophies and the Duleep Trophies. But BCCI was only looking at the money.. But ICL came in.. It revolutionized cricket.. And made the mammoth elephant – BCCI to run for its bucks..

* There are a few things which made IPL a grand success.. And ICL as just its shadow.. Trust me.. One of the biggest factor was undoubtedly Media.. The amount of coverage news paper, TV channels, FM Radios etc.. has been giving to IPL has be just unbelievable.. If BCCI had not relaxed its criteria with the press, before the start of the tournament.. I must say, BCCI would have just screwed up things.. Media was the biggest factor for IPLs success…
Pen is mightier than sword!! – No doubt about it..

* IPL also brought in Corporate Honchos and Bollywood big guys.. And very big money along with them.. They had so much at stake… that they took sufficient effort to market their team.. And in the process, IPL had distributed the role of marketing itself.. The corporate culture also got professional touch, which is generally missing with the sports administrations across the country.

* IPL brought out amazing leadership skills of Shane Warne.. Oh man.. What did he do to the Rajasthan Royals.. I thought they were clearly out of the tournament.. when I looked at the team on paper.. This is one of the best examples of what a leader can do.. A great leader can bring in so much energy.. He can make anything possible..

* Dhoni ofcourse deserved his due credit.. I always like the way Dhoni looks at things.. His ‘Go out and enjoy!’ attitude is great! We should also appreciated the way ‘The Team’ accepted defeat.. He didnt pin point fingers @ anyone..

* IPL is yet another huge success, which was completely ‘MADE IN INDIA’.. One more reason for India Inc to be proud!! People are already thinking of replicating this model elsewhere.

* IPL is over now.. People are going do some searching.. to spend time in the evening.. Every one got what they wanted.. atleast to some extent.. The people, BCCI, players, franchise.. I cant help but make this comment.. Even Sreesanth got.. What he really really deserved.. 🙂

Anyways, Hope you had a nice time watching IPL..




  • Nikhil said:

    IPL ke Side Effects :
    1) Grades of all kids going to school to drop by 25%.

    2) People in India playing taekwondo, tsepak etc who had hopes of their sport getting adequate representation to commit suicide now

    3) TV shops all over India to close down since angry roadside junta demand glass windows and 24 hour IPL broadcast

    4) License to thrill : Nervous parents getting heart attack every time a 4 or a 6 is hit.. you what happens next!

  • K. Sriram said:

    Dear Sundar,

    It made a nice reading about the success story of IPL which was marketed very well so that it reached every nook and corner of the world, the cricket playing nations have been shrunk and teams formed to promote camarederie among the players hailing from different nations. It was nice to see the young players rub shoulders with some of the giants the game has seen. But here Sundar due credit has to be given to Kapildev for promoting ICL because of the money power and clout BCCI wielded it saw to it that the whole exercise of ICL was pushed into oblivion, by not extending any facility for the ICL to run their show. That is why Charles Darwin long ago postulated the theory survival of the fittest” although I enjoyed watching IPL my heart bled for ICL because it was promoted by our real hero “Kapil Dev Ramlal Nikhanj” the Harayana Hurricane.

  • Sundar Rajan G S said:

    @ Sriram Chitappa,

    You are right.. It was Kapil Devs Idea @ the end of the day.. Unfortunately, we will remember Lalit Modi as the ideator of this success..