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Coffee Trends: Railway Budget 2008 – 09

14 March 2008 5 Comments

What happened in Railway Budget which was presented a couple of weeks back?

Well, the answer is lots. He is an attempt to do a “Railway Budget Made Simple” 🙂

First of all, let us congratulate the railway ministry for making a profit of 25000 crores. This is the first time Indian Railways has made profit. Now, lets see whats in store for us in the following year.

What do you do when you want to travel by train? You reserve ticket, go to railway station, wait there for the train and finally travel. Now lets categorize the measures.

1. Ticket Reservation:
– There is a minor reduction in prices in all categories like I AC, II AC, Sleeper etc, not much to breathe easy 🙂
– New trains to be introduced, well! you will get tickets now (hopefully :-))
– Steps taken to abolish the queue for tickets in 2 years. Ticket booking should be possible from anywhere.
– Ticket booking to be facilitated by mobile phones.
– Smart cards to be introduced in railway station. They are also planning to introduce call centre support!

2. Go to Railway Station:
– Stations to get lifts and elevators.
– Multilevel parking at stations are going to be introduced.

3. Wait for train:
– Touch screens, Colour TVs are likely to be introduced in station.
– Platforms to be extended to accommodate more people.

4. Travel in train:
– Better toilets to be introduced! (Oh God! Finally)
– Trains will display the next station. (You dont have to get down in the middle of the night to find out where you are)

Hmm.. Lot of schemes.. Lets analyze this next year to see how much is being done..

At Coffee Trends, I intend to pick up a recent topic, analyze it fully and present a conceptual or logical level information behind the topic.
Hope you enjoyed this edition of Coffee Trends!

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  • Harsh Mankad said:

    Hey Sundar this is a nice thing u’ve started!I would like to make a couple of comments though:
    1)The fares have been reduced only for the off peak seasons.
    2)The 25000 crore isn’t exactly the profit made by the railways.It is the ‘cash surplus’ that they have at their disposal.This includes money that has been made by diluting some intangible assets that the railway possessed(e.g, selling land owned by them).The actual profit, i understand is lesser than that.
    3)Railways started ‘reporting’ profit since the year Lalu took over.


    Good idea .. Keep it going. Probably you can add your suggestions or expectations also. Something like “It would be better if they can improve …”

  • Sundar Rajan G S said:

    @ Harsh,

    Thanks for the corrections. I will figure out the details.. That is the whole point about Coffee Trends..

    Lots of ppl hear terms.. but dont knw all the details or the concept.. This post has served a purpose..

    @ Karthik balaji,

    I take your point.. But Coffee Trends is for giving a conceptual overview.. I dont want to give my views and bias the knowledge levels of the ppl..

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