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Coffee With Balanarayan N T – Journalist

4 February 2008 2 Comments

Hi All,

Its my pleasure to welcome Mr. Balanarayan, Jounalist from Bangalore Mirror on Coffee With Sundar.

I am quite happy that I am getting people from diverse background on my blog.
Lets straight away talk to Mr.Bala without any delays.

Coffee With Balanarayan.

Me: Sundar Rajan G S
BN: Balanarayan.

Me: Hi Balanarayan, Welcome to CWS (Coffee With Sundar). Can you tell something about youself and your journalism background?
BN: I am Bala. Honestly speaking, I am a fresher in the industry with 8 months experience now. I finished my BA in journalism and Mass communication from Manipal and next thing I know I am in Bangalore Mirror. (campus recruitment :-))

Me: What type of areas that you cover? (Like sports, politics etc)
BN: I write on technology and games. I manage a page called Joystick.

Me: Can you give us some idea about what is the type of work that you as a journalist? What is your typical day at work?

BN: Typical day of work starts with me browsing for blogs for use in the paper. Then I get to gaming stories, reviews, previews, gaming news. I put these details on a page with pics, which is then handed over to a designer who designs the page. The rest of the day, I edit copies filed by reporters and make city pages with these copies.

Me: Why did you choose journalism? What are the skills a journalist should have?
My grand father was in the field, so I was inspired by him.
Reg Skills of a journalist — depends on what you want to be. To be a reporter, you need to be able to build contacts fast and sniff out news. All that a sub-editor requires is strong english and a lot of patience!

Me: What is your advise for budding journalists?
Be original! Keep your focus.. thats all

Thanks a lot Balanarayan. Its a pleasure to have you here.

“Be original” – What an advise.. Let me tell you from my experience, when you write on your own.. its a completely different feeling..

Anyways, hope you guys enjoyed this episode of Coffee With Experts – With Balanarayan!

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  • | Balu | said:

    For the record.. the person interviewed here is me =D

  • Sundar Rajan G S said:

    @ balu,

    Thanks 🙂