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Coffee with Mahesh – A CAT cracker

11 January 2008 5 Comments

Hi Guys,

Today I have a very special guest for you! A CAT Cracker :-). It is none other than my very good pal – Mahesh Chayel. Mahesh has secured 99.4x in CAT 2007 and has secured calls from B C L I K. He graduated from Anna University and is now working in a leading Software firm. He has answered my queries very sincerely. I really appreciate his efforts. I also hope that this interaction is helpful to you.


So, its “Coffee With Mahesh!”

Me: When did you think about doing an MBA and why?
Mahesh: “In college. Because I found myself interested a lot in how business works and its technicalities.”

Me: Was this your first attempt at CAT? How did you prepare for it?
Mahesh: “No, it was third. This time I wanted to be certain that I crack CAT and get into the best B-Schools in the country. So, I joined a full time course with a leading coaching institute. Thats where I met Sundar first. Other source of preparation was pagalguy. Learnt a lot from it and learnt that giving is actually getting.”

Me: How did you manage studying for CAT along with your job? What was your schedule like?
Mahesh: “Though it would seem tough at first glance but when you love your job and love your dreams you automatically start enjoying the process. I loved being part of this journey. Schedule was more of a concentrated effort at improving my weak areas in beginning and then showing consistency later on.”

Me: Which were your strong sections and which were the challenging ones?
Mahesh: “Strong section was always DI and LR. Whereas VA was always doubtful , but I usually used to clear it. The QA section which should have been easier was bad for me. But at the same time my maximum time used to go in improving quants.”

(just to add to the context, DI – Data Interpretation, LR – Logical reasoning, VA – Verbal ability, QA – Quantitative aptitude.)

Me: What was your strategy for CAT?
Mahesh: “Nothing big. Tried and tested QA-VA-LR in the order. 40 minutes each.”

Me: Was there any really disappointing incident in the whole process? Was there anything that pulled you down?
Mahesh: “Sometimes pathetic scores in some sections used to be heart-breakers. But the real downtime was in last 1 month. I got a string of bad scores, the last mock I wrote I just got 72 percentile. Before that I never got less than 86 percentile in the 30 odd mocks that I wrote. But just believed that I can.”

Me: What is your advice to the next batch of CAT aspirants for their preparations?
Mahesh: “Identify your weaknesses. Work on all sections equally well. Take string of bad scores seriously but not one odd case. And when you feel that you have done enough, be sure that you will get enough. Otherwise you haven’t done enough.”


Wow! “When you feel you have done enough, be sure that you will get enough, otherwise you haven’t done enough”. Great words and good advice.

Hope you guys enjoyed “Coffee With Mahesh!”

At Coffee With Sundar, I intend to bring people from different walks of life and have a chat over coffee. I will put up the transcript for my dear readers to read, appreciate, learn and enjoy!

Hope you liked this experience. Give your feedback/comments

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  • vignesh said:

    thats a wonderful move sundar.
    hope to see more on this line

  • Sundar Rajan G S said:

    sure vignesh! I am really happy that you enjoyed it!

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  • sharat said:

    quite inspiring words from you mahesh..
    Thanks a lot for sharing your experience..

  • kapil deo said:

    Hi sundar ,

    Its really nice,monika told me about you and what she told is really truth. your coffee is seems really nice and really want to meet you .