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Coffee With Mukesh Sharma – Automobile Engineer & Theatre Artist

29 October 2009 4 Comments

In the first video interview on CWS-2, I am glad to host Mr. Mukesh Sharma as a guest. A brief profile about Mr. Mukesh can be found below.

In this part 1 of the interview, Mukesh talks about his experience in Automobile Industry. In part 2  (which will follow this post), Mukesh speaks about his theatre interests & his newly formed theatre group etc.

Mukesh Sharma did his Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering from Delhi College of Engineering in 1998. After a short stint at Tata Motor’s Engineering Research center , Pune , he joined Maruti Suzuki India Ltd in 1999.

Currently Mukesh is pursuing his one year full time executive MBA program from Indian Institute of Management Bangalore. His current areas of research are employee motivation , change management and building competitive strategies.

Before Joining IIM Bangalore , Mukesh was working as Manager ( Product development) in Maruti Suzuki India Ltd. He has spent more than two and half years in Suzuki Motor corporation , Japan on various vehicle development projects. He specializes in installing crash related equipments and facilities. He has worked on various product lines of Maruti Suzuki India Ltd and carries vast experience in automotive product/process innovations

In a career spanning for more than ten years in automotive industry , Mukesh has written eleven technical papers in the area of occupant protection , vehicle crashworthiness and accident analysis , which have been published in SAE International USA and SAE India.He has also represented India’s automotive delegation in the area of vehicle accident and research to United Nation in year 2007 and 2008

He also runs a non profit theatre group in Delhi which has produced several plays since 2003. His recent production was covered and applauded by various media houses in Delhi ( NDTV , HT and Delhi events).He has conducted various workshops on Theater in Education for school children in Delhi.
His productions are : Hamlet (2003), Aadhi raat ka sach(2005) , Japani Gudiya(2007) , The siege within (2008)

Stay tuned for part 2 of the interview where Mukesh talks about his theatre exploits, exciting incidents in life & his EPGP program at IIMB.




  • Karthik said:

    Pretty good 🙂 last few seconds audio is not heard.

    my 2 cents on video interviews as an avid CWS reader and fan 🙂 :
    1) i think people are more clear and crisper when they put things in written format
    2)speaking extempore.. they might not give accurate information
    3)writing answers they will take more time, they can edit many times and give the best answer
    4)and they might talk too much off the topic ..

    But advantage with video is its more engaging media, you can interject to and make it a bit more interactive and entertaining. Doing video interviews is probably a lot less time consuming to you as well as the author as they are done in half hour.
    But the quality might not be as high as them putting in time to think and put their thoughts in words.
    Als the USP of the blog is its content rather than a means for entertainment, so content/information can be given more importance 🙂

  • Sundar Rajan G S (author) said:

    Hey Karthik..

    Thanks a lot for the feedback.. I am glad you liked the interview..

  • Vatsala said:

    First things first, a big hand to you, Sundar for getting the video interviews started,

    Mr Mukesh Sharma’s recap of his first experience at job after college is definitely something I identify with, and I am exactly at the same stage now. Every work day is a big struggle, and many a time i end up bungling things. Mr Mukesh’s account fills me with the confidence that these things will be overcome and one day things will start going smoothly.

    Am curious to know about his theatrical pursuits, and will be on the look out for the next post.

    Good show Sundar, keep them coming.

  • chen-coffee said:

    Hi 🙂
    You have very unique and interesting blog.
    Thank you !