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Coffee With Prem! – A true Underdog

22 January 2008 10 Comments

Hi Guys,

Its time for one more guest at Coffee With Sundar! I am extremely happy to have Prem Ravikumar with you all!

Prem RaviKumar is a moderator in Pagalguy.com. He also has a blog catajourney.blogspot.com Prem is known for his motivating words among the CAT aspirants. He has inspired a number of young folks (including me) to give a crack at CAT without giving up in the middle!
Prem, with almost 1.5 times my age, having a family and a kid, showed us that nothing should block us from going for our dreams! I salute this true underdog, who almost succeeded in CAT last year, and has got calls from XLRI this year!

Prem Bhai, its my pleasure to have you here on my blog.

Coffee With Prem! – A true Underdog!

Me: Sundar Rajan G S.
PB: Prem Bhai.

Me: When did you think about doing an MBA and why? Did you think about your age at any point during the thought process?

PB: CAT got into my mind as a temporary relief for my frustrating Job in 2002…Though I prepared for the exam, I could not appear for the same in 2002 as well as 2003 due to family issues. By 2004, I had a decent Job & that agony had disappeared but CAT survived in the heart as an unfulfilled dream. By 2005, CAT became a necessity as I lost couple of my Job interviews to IIM guys. By then, I was a father of a 2 year Old kid. But never thought that age or family or Job or ambiance is going to stop, rather they would be an excuse.. Fought hard & got the result in the way I wanted, a call from the best B school of APAC, “IIMA” which I couldn’t covert.

Me: How did you manage studying for CAT/XAT along with your job & family? What was your schedule like?

PB: Well in 2006, I prepared like any other student, everyday night I used to take my Books after my daughter would go to sleep say at 11 PM & will study till 2 am or so, a systematic approach (But was tormenting myself in this process).. 2007 was extremely different, joined time as a part time faculty & became an expert in QA & DI, so never prepared separately.. I would even say that post CAT, there was not even a day when I had touched book.. Finally I believe that “Believing in yourself is the key”

Me: Which were your strong sections and which were the challenging ones?

PB: Well, Quant was my forte..But was never comfortable with Permutation & Combination (P & C), Probability, Venn Diagrams etc etc etc… VA was always my nemesis.. By the time CAT was on the cards, I became strong in verbal (CAT 2006- 6%ile, CAT 2007-94%ile) & today I am teaching P&C, Probability, Venn Diagrams as well.. The Key “Nothing is impossible”

Me: Was there any really disappointing incident in the whole process? Was there anything that pulled you down?

PB: Yes, there were more than 1 instance to quote..I was never good in my Mock CATs, My IIMA result was denied due to OBC reservations, CAT 2007 too betrayed me & that too in my forte.. Learning is “Every failure is a lesson by itself & makes you strong”..

Me: What is your advice to the next batch of CAT/XAT aspirants for their preparations?

PB: Believe in youself, never never give up… Make your dream, your life & die for it…

Me: I know you are moderator in PG. How you advise people to use PG?

PB: PG is a very powerful forum & today it’s a part of my life indeed..It not only helps you to prepare for your exam, but gives you so many like minded friends who really turn out to be a friend for your life time….

Me: What are your next steps now after clearing XAT?

PB: Finally a call from one of the Biggies. I am happy, but not completely …
Anyways a call is a call & with due respect to the brand name & the faith they have on me.. Gonna give my heart & blood to convert it…

Only one nagging feel is “XXL (IIM) desires, But XL only fits me (If I convert)”……………


Thanks a lot Prem for sparing your time and answering my questions. You have my wishes and the wishes from my readers at Coffee With Sundar! All the best!
Keep motivating people to accomplish more! πŸ™‚

Well folks, hope you enjoyed Coffee With Prem! As I said earlier, at Coffee With Sundar I intend to bring people from different walks of life, have a chat over coffee and share the transcript for you to read, learn and enjoy!

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    I will try to bring in more people πŸ™‚

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    Nice one from Prem Bhai..

    Good work Sundar.

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    Thanks mac! I am happy that you enjoyed this!

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    Very motivating.. good work.. πŸ™‚

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    also forgot to say..prem bhai rocks as ever…way to go prem bhai

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    @ karthik,

    prem bhai certainly rocks!