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Coffee With Sundar! – A poem by Micheal Sequeira

9 October 2008 5 Comments


I have some thing really really special today!! My class mate at IIM Bangalore appreciated my passion for Coffee With Sundar and he gave it some thing very very special.. A peom.. Yes!! Mike is an amazing guy who can write poems in a minute.. And today, he has something for Coffee With Sundar (and about Coffee With Sundar)

Hi Sundar,

The theme is to share as i feel you’re blog dares people to dream beyond the possible and care

I feel an integral part of it is your passion to share experiences that can make others dare

Overall I feel CoffeeWithSundar needs a message for its readers and that is

“CoffeeWithSundar is truly my small effort to reach out to big people like you to dare”

Coffee With Sundar – A poem by Micheal Sequeira

I just say I have experiences that can impact someone if I decide to share
I gather a cup of coffee and pen down my thoughts for days to share
Memories all of it each one special for experiences that I can share
Yet I feel I’m not impacting someone as I am just not empowered to share

A friend of mine whose Sundar has interviewed personalities to share
Experiences he brings of theirs to each interview he dares to share
What makes them special well some are big others bigger in ways he shares
He makes a difference impacting people in his small way he cares

CoffeeWithSundar his passion to gather experiences and share
Articles so distinct each one makes a reader relax and do or dare
Experiences so special that I can relax with a coffee in hand or share
Its time to spread your experience with Sundar and impact someone to dare

So friends this friend of mine at IIMB has shown what it takes to be aware
His blog is not just his voice but what he believes his readers can dare
He just shows you the way to reach it based on experiences others have shared
CoffeeWithSundar is truly his small effort to reach out to big people like you to dare

Vista is coming soon so get your coffee,relax and its time to care,share and dare

Thank you soo much Mike!! Its my priviledge to have you write a poem about CWS!!
I just have no words to describe this truely wonderful poem which succinctly describes CWS..


I also have another big news coming up!!

50th interview of Coffee With Sundar is going to be up soon!! Its going to be a great moment for CWS community. So stay tuned for a the big interview!




  • Sasmita Praharaj said:

    Amazing !!, Mike u r just G8…

  • me said:


  • Nisha said:

    50 th interview whoa!!…it sure is a special one…

  • srividya said:

    hey mike great job …. coffee with sundar has been a theme for a poet so great ………. coffee with sundar not only interviews big people but it creates big people….
    amazing keep going…

  • akshay oleti said:

    Mike and Sundar – what a combination!
    It made my evening. Thanks for the wonderful poem guys.