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Coffee With Sunil! – A cab driver

4 March 2008 14 Comments

Hi Guys,

In Coffee With Experts series, we have had blogger, singer, palmist, professor, journalist.. etc etc.. We got to know something about their life.. But have you ever wondered what it would be talk to people who drive through the city.. Yes, I had opportunity to chat up with Sunil, A cab driver. Here is the transcript.


Coffee With Sunil! – A cab driver.

Me: Sundar Rajan G S
Su: Sunil

Me: Hi Sunil, Welcome to CWS! How do you find driving on Bangalore roads?
Su: Sir, driving on Bangalore roads has become very difficult. There is so much traffic everywhere. Dont knw how we can drive when they release the 1 lakh car. (He meant Tata Nano). These people (government) are taking efforts to make our lives easy by building flyovers like this. (pointing to one of them), But they make a mistake. They dont estimate the traffic correctly. They take 2 years to build it, but by the time they build it, the traffic would have increased so much that the flyover is no longer useful..

Me: How many years are you driving?
Su: I have been driving for 4 years sir. First two years, I was driving in kolar driving tractor. Then I came to bangalore. I drove safari for call centre for 1 year. Now I am driving these cabs for almost a year.

Me: How many trips do you take everyday? What do you do in your extra time?
Su: I typically make 3-4 trips everyday. 2 for pick up. One or two trips for dropping the employees. In extra time, I generally chat with other drivers or go to sleep. I like to drive. I dont like to sit at one place. Its boring to sit day long without any work.

Me: What have you studied? You can read some books or paper when you are idle right?
Su: I have studied till 11th standard. After that I discontinued. I am not much in touch with reading or writing. So, I dont think I can read books. But I do read papers once in a while. Mostly cricket match section only. Otherwise, we talk a lot of politics etc with other cab drivers as it comes on FM. What else to do so sir, sitting idle..

Me: Do you own this vehicle or do you just drive this vehicle?
Su: I dont own sir. I only drive. My parents told me to buy a vehicle.. But paying 18k EMI scares me… I dont want buy sir.. I am happy just driving the vehicle..

Me: What do you do over weekends?
Su: I generally meet up with 2 of my friends at a tea shop. We have some food together and then we go to cricket ground and watch others play cricket.. If we have money, we will go for a movie. πŸ™‚

Me: Have you ever felt very happy while driving?
Su: Yes sir, generally I like to drive a lot instead of sitting idle. But I feel very happy when the employees tell a “thank you very much” at the end of the trip. That makes me happy.. I can drive all night for them.


Thank you very much Sunil! It was my pleasure talking to you..

Four words – “Thank you very much” is all that it takes to motivate these guys.. I am going to make it a point to thank every single cab/auto driver.. I doenst cost too much.. I hope you guys enjoyed this version of Coffee With Experts.

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  • Aditya Kulkarni said:

    That was quite interesting actually. Unique perspective on traffic πŸ™‚

  • Sundar Rajan G S said:

    @ aditya..

    I knw.. They are the ones on the roads always.. They have their own views.. But what I liked about him was that he appreciated the efforts of governments.. That typically never happens at the bottom of the pyramid.. πŸ™‚

  • Aditya Kulkarni said:

    Interestingly, I think it is the “bottom of the pyramid” that always looks to the government. They see the government as a protector and benefactor, while the upper classes see the government as a necessary evil.

    The government, actually the politicians, have to necessarily focus on the “bottom of the pyramid” folks because they are the ones that vote. They vote because they are the that have the biggest stake in the outcome (free electricity if JDS gets elected).

    The upper classes, on the other hand, have built up a bubble of prosperity around themselves (air conditioning to counter pollution, generators, borewells for water, private banks and investments, medical insurance… the list goes on…), and don’t really have a stake in the outcome of the political process, and therefore, don’t vote.

    It actually works out great for everyone.

  • MaVeRicK said:

    Excellent gesture on your part. Sundar. We take some of these things in life for granted as mundane but, yeah, its good to be reminded every now and then that they have their own place and significance. Your blog is reaching newer heights!

  • sadeesh kumar said:

    Three consecutive comments without a reply from Sundar…A rare moment!!!

  • Aditya Kulkarni said:

    He must be busy admiring the “Coffee Wall” that won him the cube decoration contest.


  • Sundar Rajan G S said:

    @ aditya,

    Logically what you told is right. But a lot of ppl at the bottom of the pyramid crib that the government should do lot more for their welfare.

    @ maverick,
    Thanks a lot.. πŸ™‚ Every *person* is special in some way or the other..

    @ sadeesh,
    Not for long.. Here is goes the reply

    @ aditya,
    Ha ha.. Yes.. I just keep staring in that direction certainly.. There is a monitor before that.. πŸ™‚

  • beyond the sky said:

    Honest and nice πŸ™‚

  • Sundar Rajan G S said:

    @ beyond the skies,


  • Pradeep said:

    A very nice post.. Small things does make a big difference..

  • Sundar Rajan G S said:

    Sure pradeep! Well said..

  • brocasarea said:

    nice one…good to know that he loves his work!:)..

  • Sundar Rajan G S said:


    Thanks.. I knw it is great to knw that he likes what he does.. πŸ™‚

  • Tarun said:

    Nice post.

    Its so wonderful to observe that happiness means different to each one us and at times, all it takes is a small gesture, a little nod of the head or a little thank you to make people happy.
    I’m quite sure that each one of us can do that…