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Coffee With Vidha n Peyush – Core Members of SearchMyCampus

30 March 2008 5 Comments

Hey All…

Hope you had a nice weekend watching Sehwag’s 300. It was indeed a great innings..

So, on CWS!, it is time for another Coffee With Experts interview. CWS is breaking barriers with every new interview.. And I am proud to say this is the first time, I am interviewing more than one people in a single Interview. Welcome Vidha and Peyush, Core Members from searchmycampus.com.

Coffee with Vidha and Peyush
Me: Sundar Rajan G S
Vi: Vidha
Pe: Peyush

Me: Hi Peyush/Vidha, Welcome to CWS! What is SearchMyCampus all about? Is it yet another student community? What can they do with it? How is it different?

Vi: Hi Sundar. SearchMyCampus is an online campus noticeboard that students use to meet their needs at college. They can post notices to publicize their need for various services or merchandise such as accommodation, tutors, books, carpools, etc. It is a platform that allows students to voice their material needs and thus find another student to help them meet these needs.

Students can post notices promoting events or various services and merchandise. They can also view existing notices and reply to the ones that could potentially solve their needs. It is different because it is not just a ‘cool’ website; it has a definite purpose i.e. meeting needs. It empowers students to mutually resolve their problems without the need for intermediaries.

Me: Do you charge money from students? How do you monetize?

Pe: No we don’t charge students to post or view notices. We do however charge a small amount for featured posts i.e. notices that are made more prominent than the rest. This feature tends to be used by service providers and employers rather than students.

Me: How many colleges have enrolled so far? Is it only India specific or is it global?

Vi: We have about 15 active campus noticeboards at present with Delhi, Bangalore, Pune and Chennai being the most popular ones. Students can request their campus if their university isn’t already listed on the website. We wait till we get at least 3-4 requests for the same campus before we create a campus noticeboard. While at present we are only India specific, we have received requests to begin it in other colleges from outside India, and plan to do so in the near future.

Me: What are your learnings from this venture? What are your happiest moments? Where do you feel you missed out?

Pe: The main thing we’ve learnt is that a venture like this takes time to become successful. It needs to grow organically. We are constantly using the feedback we receive to make improvements to our website. This isn’t a typical start up where projects begin and then die out after the beta release because of insufficient time or money. We know it won’t fly straight away but we are prepared to keep going at it. Everything’s a learning experience.

The happiest moment for us was probably the Shri Ram College of Commerce college fest last year where we received some excellent feedback from students. Many students told us that this was the first ‘useful’ site they had come across, which validated our belief in the venture. We don’t think we’ve missed out on anything yet. 🙂

Me: How big is your team? Are you hiring? What are the skill sets you are looking for?

Vi: We have about 10 team members at present, along with about 15 students who bring us feedback from students, and promote the concept in their respective campuses. We’re definitely looking for more people to join. We need developers, web designers, content writers, and internet marketing specialists. We also require campus representatives and bloggers to help us promote the site. The skills we value the most in any candidate is creativity, ability to think out of the box, passion for web 2.0, and the ability to work effectively in a team. Each individual position has its own requirements of course in terms of the qualifications and skills sets needed.


Me: So finally what next, what should some one do to get started?

Pe: Log on to searchmycampus.com and advertise your need. We’ll be introducing a lot of new features very soon so keep checking in for those! Visit our team blog for more updates.

Thank you very much Peyush & Vidha! Its a pleasure having you on Coffee With Sundar! On behalf of all the readers, I wish you all the very best! Readers, hope you enjoyed this edition of Coffee With Sundar! Log on to SearchMyCampus and send them your thoughts and feed back.

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