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CWS-2 is coming soon!

18 June 2009 4 Comments

Dear CWS readers,

I am glad to inform you that CWS-2 is back!!

I completed a telephonic interview with Kutral – Long distance swimmer who holds holds the guinness record for swimming 6 channels in 1 calendar year!! He was just 13 years old then!!

This was my first telephonic  interview.. And I liked the experience.. It was a 45 – 50 mins long conversation..

I am planning to put the write up in a week to 10 days..Stay tuned for this exciting interview!!!




  • Kumaraganesh said:

    Deii ,
    Kutral is a pass out from U T austin right? Ihave a few common friends with him . I guess he is with Intel (or atleast he was with them a couple of years back)

  • Sundar Rajan G S (author) said:

    Yes Kumar.. He is the very same Kutral 🙂

  • Safety Slogans said:


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  • raj said:

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