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Darkness never forgives!

20 March 2011 5 Comments

Hi All,

Horror is a popular genre across languages & culture.. In movies, The adrenaline rush associated with horror is often captured with video and music.. Here is an attempt to capture the horror in words! Vidaadhu Karuppu (The darkness never forgives!) – My 43rd poem inspired by a visit to London Dungeon.

Image from here.

விடாது கருப்பு!

மந்திரங்களால் நான் அழிவதில்லை..
மரணம் உன்னை மன்னிப்பதில்லை..

குடலை உருவவும் தயங்குவதில்லை ..
ஒரு துளி குருதியும் விடுவதில்லை..

இருளும் நானும் ஓர்தாய் பிள்ளை..
உன் தனிமை..
.. இனி தனிமை இல்லை..

விடாது கருப்பு!

Here is the literal english translation.

The darkness never forgives!

I dont die because of prayers..
Death will not forgive you..

I will not hesitate to tear open you organs..
I will not leave even a drop of blood..

Darkness & I are the sons of same mother..
You loneliness..
Is no longer loneliness..

The darkness never forgives!

Here is the english script for the poem..

Mandhirangazhaal naan azhiyuvadhillai..
Maranam unnai mannippadhillai..

kudalai uruvavum thayanguvadhiallai..
oru thuzhi kurudhiyum viduvadhillai..

IruLum naanum orthaai pillai..
Un thanimai..
.. Ini thanimai illai..

Vidaadhu Karuppu!




  • E.V.Iyer said:

    en kudalai uruvm ippaatin porul
    ini en iravai karupaai kaatum
    chandiran ipaatain kaatrai anubavithaan,
    ini sooriyan varugayilum avan ini karuppu.
    en veedumaa ippaatukku adimai ? karuppu viduma ?

  • Sundar Rajan G S (author) said:

    very interesting comment mahesh! 🙂

  • sukanya said:

    Super poem.. how did u even think about it:D… usually poets dont tend to write on such horrific subject

  • Arun said:

    Nice poem sundar

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