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dear friend…..

24 November 2007 No Comment

Hi CAT (this is neither the animal nor the exam, but my friend tushar)

I set up my workstation today.. yes, the same one which I used in trichy.. I literally cried when I thought of those days.. It was really really amazing.. I cried, when I saw that video which you took of my room.. I have been trying to upload it but its taking too long.. i will do it from office sometime tomo..

Those were days.. I just cant forget…

from those second year days, when I used to drop by ur room whenever I visit pradeep to the way we literally stayed together in topaz.. we came a long way.. ofcourse I want to remind you that we both were in adjacent room in first year and didnt even bother to speak to each other for one whole year.. πŸ™‚ anways, man the 3rd and final year was awesome..

I still remember that I slept for 1 hour in your room while studying for network exam.. the first time I got 10.0, and man… ur support was so great tat time.. How can i forget the great time I had with you in veega land.. i think i am just going to list everyting.. u can add this was too good.. to every sentence..

nits first e-room.. my first 10.000, my second 10.00 and u not getting 10?, how could that happen… they way we studied for all tests, remember?? we shared our BAAPS question papers.. man.. those were the days.. I really miss those days.. those days when I used to sleep in networks class asking u take notes and vice versa… cant do that google da.. πŸ™‚ u remember our final year project? we actually improved an algorithm, but later found out that we didnt take the latest algo.. even better.. think of those days at iisc when we INVENTED tree algorithms.. πŸ™‚ the time we had with sankara.. huh.. tears are rolling down as i write this..

those BAKKAR sessions were amazing da.. i certainly wont forget the amount of support that u gave me during a difficult phase of my life (harsha and u knw what I am taking about.. ) i really miss u cat.. i really really miss those days..

i dont knw y, but we both share the spark to excel in anything we attempt to do.. i really appreciate that.. that brought us together i feel.. the dont say die attitude and somehow want to excel in what we do… i think it will take BOTH OF US a long way da.. u remember the mario game that we fought so hard.. especially some 5yth or 6th stage when we took a long time to clear.. the eggs game, the nfs in your comp, stick cricket.. y all this, how about our rubiks cube da… i loved it all… the final destination.. how desperate we were to finish desperate house wives… secretly watching pondies.. πŸ™‚ man.. pardes songs in your comp..

I really really really enjoyec my 2 years with you as my class mate, friend, neighbour, roomie, etc etc.. let me tell u one thing from my heart da cat.. you are my friend for life.. i will never forget some those days with you.. other close friends who are reading this blog, plz dont think i am rating my friends, you all are important.. but today i am missing tushar sooo much.. i set my comp and we both have spent soo much time together watching this monitor..

cat remember how i used to sleep off while doing project??? i think u r responsible for me not attending even first hour in time.. u never woke me up.. πŸ™‚

the moring driving lessons, man when i drive these days.. i think of our “anna” who thought us.. man.. i think we succeeded in rec because we had the drive to USE our time efficiently.. i am sure we will continue to do that in life..

we may have taken different directions in life, i knw getting back those days are difficult.. but we certainly will have such golden moments again.. it will happen only when it not planned… (hope u remember that we planned to do bakkar, bought lays and pepsi, but finally slept off )

i cant put them on all in one post,

but i really really had a great time with you.. hope i didnt bug u too much..
i really really miss the good old days with my good old cat..

with this post i want to apologize for 2 things.. which keeps coming to mind.. i am really really sorry for fighting with u about final year trip.. i also want to apologize to anand babu.. i am sorry.. i am really sorry.. and also about predicting ur gate rank.. i am sorry… i shouldnt have done that.. hope u will forgive me for those.. πŸ™‚

missing those days… i really want them back.. πŸ™‚

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