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Drop Sreesanth and Be happy

12 February 2008 4 Comments

I dont have much to say..

Today Sreesanth is the pick of our bowlers..

3 overs for 48 runs.. Amazing performance..

Our selectors are very short sighted.. He gives a string of bad performances.. When they are about to drop him, he does one good show.. They just dont see his history.

I think, India has become a better team because they dropped Agarkar. They can become much better if they drop Sreesanth.

Sreesanth Sucks!! Indian Selectors suck even more!!

Drop Sreesanth and Be happy!

I hate Sreesanth.

What do you say.




  • MaVeRicK said:

    Hmm, can see a whole lot of angst here. Frankly, I would have to contradict you for the simple reason that Mr. Incumbent seems to be the only kid in the block who has that spirit and attitude to return favours for all the jeers our ‘men in blues’ put up with on the field.. yeah, it doesn’t seem reasonable but as it has been said with good reason- wisdom comes with age!

    Anyway I’d place him next only to Ajit Agarkar for the dubious distinction of pulling off something like 3-for-48 or 12 blobs on the trot! Cheers to the “GhaaTi”s and the Thakerays 🙂

  • Sundar Rajan G S said:

    True.. I agree his aggression is great! But he should also deliver on what he is expected to do.. 🙂

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    […] IPL Blogger (source…Papa fuckin’ Bear) has come up with for an annoying runt of a fast bowler (Sreesanth) and a prissy actor (Shah Rukh Khan) who makes his livelihood by selling sub-par consumer products […]

  • Arun said:

    Brother..once it happened does nt take him 2 da ground..he’s got so much of talent which makes him worth than anyone else 2 stay in da team.a match is nt an ideal measurement 2 measure his ability.there is a proverb ‘every dog has a day’.dat day may b dat of da batsmen.so start understanding people n nt hate dem blindly.all sree haters sucks..!