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Exhausting Weekend

15 January 2008 One Comment

For the past three days, I was trying to answer some 40 odd personal questions. When I first looked at the questionaire, it thought, I could answer them in a couple of hours.

But honestly each question is taking more a couple of hours. 🙂

There were questions like “how do you define success?”, “If you were born again, what is one thing that you would like to change?” “What is the most significant event in your life & why? Each and every question made me reflect back. Each and
every question made me think about my past 23 years on earth. It was indeed a great experience. To my surprise, I was getting to know myself much more. The whole deal is to be honest to yourself in the whole exercise. And when you are looking for honest answers, let me tell you it is going to be an exhausting experience.

I realized that we all are sailing in the same boat. We all know what we dont want to do or what we dont like, but seldom do we realize what we like.

Just think about it, If I ask you what you dont want to do in life? I am sure you will come with long list of answers. But if I ask you, what you want to do in life??? I am sure you are going to struggle a bit.

You “CANT” find out what you want in life by elimination.
Life is too big & complex.

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  • The Maharishi said:

    perfect! – ‘t s difficult to realize what we want – very true !!

    but..you can get what you want – the rishi !