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Fide et Labore

29 November 2007 No Comment

Fide – Et – Labore

Ask any josephite what comes to his mind when he thinks of his PUC days..

There will lots of responses, but the definitely one of the following will come to their mind…

* Slogging for IIT-JEE – this is probably what most of the guys will be doing. The first day in college, they come with these big fat books.. their sentences wil lhave the word “theta” once in every 3 words.. oh man.. .. they are seriously taking “greek” 🙂 alpha, beta, gamma, delta.. man.. these are some words which I have never heard in my life.. I thought I was the topper in my school and I had an air of confidence when I stepped into joseph..

* The first time freedom in life, after passing out of school.. – For the first time in my life, I can sit anywhere I want (or dont want 🙁 ).. Its my choice to attend a class or not.. wearing color dress to class.. wow.. A new set of friends.. (some of these strangers whom u meet.. go on to become friends for life..).. Yes.. lots of fun..

* The first bunk, the first pub, the first drink & the first cigaratte – (stong disclaimer: I have never tried 2nd, 3rd and 4th option but I am trying to empathize with those who have done this) – I feel all these makes fellow josephites feel that they are “josephites”.. you know what I mean.. the style.. the unkempted hair, the dirty t shirt, torn jeans.. u look great.. u feel “ARRIVED”..

Amidst all these great feelings, there is something that was told again and again by the principle and the vicey.. those folks who are respected for the sheer white robes that they wear.. their wisdom which is reflected in their bald heads and ofcourse, they have our parents phone numbers and call them any time to complain about us..

they keep telling something.. “fide et labore” “fide et labore”.. it is even there in the emblem of st.josephs.. If i look back today, I think they were trying to convey something very important to us.. yes, “fide et labore” means “Faith and Toil”.. This, I think, is such a simple formula for success.. yes, have faith in what you do(or in god), and work really hard… you will achieve what you want..

Dont you guys agree??

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