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Five Point Someone

6 December 2007 One Comment

Hi folks,

As I am on my way to hotel at haridwar as I am typing this. Nothing much to say. IIT Roorkee was a very sad experience in terms of number of hires. We might hire 1 or probably even kick him out. So, cant tell much. Anyways, I continue to reject candidates very happily. I think probably only 2 candidates whom I have interviewed has cleared so far. (Out of say 20 odd interviews)

Other than this, I would like to pat my back once again. I read another book back to back in one go. This time, the book is Chetan Bhagat’s “Five point someone”. To be honest, I liked this book. This is probably because I have experienced hostel life and I can easily relate characters in that book to someone in real life.
I think this is when an author achieves his purpose. Anyways, having said this, I found a lot of similarities between his 2 books.

Both of them are fiction. Both of them have a loser in life as the hero. I can kind of feel that Vroom and Ryan are very similar, both of them are gutsy and ofcourse bigtime drunkeds. I really enjoyed the “wit” in both the books. Ofcourse both of them are really easy to read although second one has a really crappy ending to the book. In both the books, the characters undergo a very difficult or a painful situation and eventually come out of it. Not that they are amazingly successful, but they manage to “survive”. I think the mental strength required for “survival” is much more than that required for being successful. The author tries to show the emotions of people who are striving to survive and he has done that in a really really nice way. He brings out the best from his guys.

thats it from me here, feeling very very sleepy. 🙂

catch u guys later.

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  • Ravindra said:

    Its the tale of young hearts in very raw and stark life situations.

    if u have ever lived(!!!!) in hostel… then this book brings out everything that you have gone thru in tat span of ur life or if u haven’t,it encourages you to face life in daredevil conditions.

    if you read the book in a single stretch( mostly u will)….then its the ultimate emotional catharisis…. brings out belly laughter along with tears of pain while u float in the high of spirits of grass and hit the valley of emptiness.( sorry 🙂 this is the tone of the book as i felt)….