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12 September 2010 7 Comments

Hi All,
Last week, my uncle who follows a lot of tamil literature.. couldnt believe that I wrote the tamil poems.. πŸ™‚
So he challenged me to write a poem on Watch – Gadigaaram πŸ™‚
Here is the poem.. He was very pleasantly surprised and very happy to hear the poem..


Tic Tic Tic..
Periya magan solgiran..
Vaegam illaa vaazhkai..
Oru Pinathukku samam..
Unarvu poorvamaai velai saei..
Panam yennada panam…
Tic Tic Tic..
Siriya magan solgiran..
Vivegam illa oottam yedharkku..
Vazhkai perum-thavam..
Rasithu.. Rusithi.. Anubhavi..
Innodiyum oru arpudham..

Naan Yaar endru sandhegam-a?
Neram paarka kooda neram illa manidhane..
Un paarvaikkaaga enneramum yeangum oru gadigaaram..
Kalai kaadhalanin kavidhaigaLai urudhi paduththi..
UngaL sandhegam theerka vandha oru gadigaaram..




  • Prasanna said:

    super…especially this line:

    Un paarvaikkaaga enneramum yeangum oru gadigaaram

  • Thangavel said:

    woww!! That’s very unique perspective. I loved the way you gave an attribute to the needles! Super super!!

  • Sundar Rajan G S (author) said:

    Thanks prasanna athimber & Thangavel πŸ™‚ Glad you liked it..

  • siva said:

    dear sundar great , but,what happened to the third needle?
    your persistence is a trait I have to learn, and probably many more people should.

  • Kannan said:

    Hey super perspective of Watch! Cudos!

  • K. Sriram said:

    Hey ambi, nice one about “Gadigaram” a timely one with perfect timing to the gauntlet thrown at you, keep it up. Here is one from my side,

    “Kannadi kootil oodipidithu vilayadum iru kadhalargal thaan GADIGARAM”

  • Sundar said:

    @Sriram chitappa: Nice one again! πŸ™‚