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Ganguly – Passion personified

7 October 2008 6 Comments


One of the great Indian middle order batsmen has decided to call it a day!!

Although, I have not been a great Ganguly fan, there are few things in him which I like a lot..

1. The passion that he brings on the field.. One of the few Indians who dont let their shoulders drop even when the opposition have to chase 120 in 50 overs..

2. His aggression.. Who can forget the great replies he gave to the australian team..

3. Most important thing I like in Ganguly, is the way he made an amazing comeback into the Indian cricket team after being thrown out.. It was a huge mess.. & only the will power and determination of Ganguly that got him back into the team..

I am extremely lucky to have some of his “Offside” shots.. As Rahul Dravid says, on the off-side, first there is God, then there is Saurav Ganguly..

Hail Ganguly!




  • AM said:

    In my opinion, a constant liability.

  • AM said:

    Atleast the ODI side.

  • Ashutosh Didwania said:

    Sourav Ganguly is indeed an epitome of aggression and inspiration..not necessarily as a player but definitely as a leader…
    I’d written something similar to this…
    U might just want to have a look at it..

    Keep posting!

  • Niranjan said:

    Its a one of those rare instances when a Indian player even after being picked for a series, has made a dignified exit from the game.

  • Nisha said:

    With my lil knowledge in cricket ….Can I say ??He laid the foundation to the whole new concept of “Young Indian Confident Team” ……”Confident” I say is the Keyword here 🙂 …

  • S said:

    @ AM- I think you gotta chck sum of the records he has under his belt before u call him a liability! His batting av last year was far greater than that of Dhoni, Yuvraj, Sachin, and Sehwag.

    I am glad he’s retired coz the world would now realise what difference that guy made to the Indian team whch eventually turned into Team India.