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Guruprasad G – Rare Photograph Collector – Part 2

14 August 2011 2 Comments

Hi All,

Today let us continue with the part 2 of the interview with Mr. Guruprasad. Part 1 can be found here.

Just to remind you, here is a brief introduction of Mr. Guruprasad. Guruprasad, Bangalore based engineer has found his calling in looking for rare photographs and information.. which makes you think deeper.. Guru’s blog is Deeply Thinking.

Me: Sundar Rajan G S
GP: Guruprasad – Collector of rare photograph

Me: Guruprasad, Last time you shared some really outstanding images. Can you share a few more this time as well..

GP: Sure..

A newsarticle from 1930s in which Gandhi condemns the rampant corruption in Congress. Most of us are under the impression that corruption in Govt is a recent phenomena. But this newsreport shows us that such problems existed even 70 years ago:


Flight attendants of Air India in 1946. Very interesting to find that Air India’s flight attendants had European dress code in those days unlike today’s traditional Indian wear:


A snapshot of Budget report showing the exhobirant taxes upto 98%. The photo narration also tries to analyze the root cause of Brain Drain and relates it to high taxes of those times:


Photo of Steve Jobs promoting his company after being fired from Apple. The photo narration is inspirational because it demonstrates the proverb “When all else is lost, the future still remains”:


Aerial photography from National Geographic. Its more like an optical illusion but the photo narration tries to relate it to philosophy of judgement:


Me: Thanks Guru for those thought provoking photos.. What else do you do.. you seem to read some really amazing books.. Can you talk about it..

GP: Yes, I do read some interesting books. I just visit a bookstall once in 3 months, spend 2 hours at the non fiction section and browse books. Being a technology oriented person, I make use of my smartphone also to the fullest. When I find an interesting book in the bookstall, I check for its online price and decide where to finally buy it from. But because the bookstall gives us a platform to browse books, I make it a point to buy atleast 2 books from the stall and rest of the books online at discounted prices πŸ™‚

Recently, I have started a new hobby of composing poems which are thought provoking. One of the intenion of writing such poems is to bring in dignity of labour in our country. We have to realize that every professional is equal. There is no big or small profession. All are required and equally important for the development of our country.

Apart from these hobbies, I go roaming around the city with friends and trying out restaurants. I go for long drives and love to spend time in nature (Coorg is my favourite hangout for such getaways).

Me: What are your future plans.. Both in terms of your hobby and your professional life..

GP: In terms of hobby, I will continue gathering information, reading more books, watching documentaries and searching for rare/interesting pics, narrating it and sharing it with people. In terms of professional life, as I mentioned earlier, when it was mobile revolution, I wanted to be part of it. When it was smartphone revolution, I wanted to be part of it too. So, lets see what is the next revolution in technology. That might help me in deciding where to move in professional life. But nothing is planned yet. Whether I still want to be into purely technical field or something related to branding, strategizing etc or something else, only time will tell. Many people tell me that I should think of what I specifically want to be in life and work for it. But I believe that once you finalize on what you specifically want to be, the fun is gone πŸ™‚

And everything is unpredictible. We have to change with times and evolve. For example, one elderly person in 1990s decided that he wants to be the top dealer in India for pagers. But by 2000, pagers were gone and he did not know what to do next πŸ™‚

I believe in Steve Jobs’ philosophy of taking life as it comes, explore every opportunity as it knocks and join/connect these dots in the future. Always be hungry for knowledge (Stay Hungry), Never think you know everything (Stay Foolish). Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish πŸ™‚

Me: What else.. Anything else you would like to add?

GP: I would like to add few things about our nation. If you would have noticed, there are lots of thought provoking pictures related to our nation in my album. Most of the people have lost faith in our nation and many dont believe that India can succeed looking at the current state of affairs. We all know that for the country to prosper, the system has to change. But I am trying to provoke people’s thoughts that before changing the system, we should first change ourselves. For example, we always blame traffic policemen for corruption. But we dont realize that most of the mistakes are on our side. We should not break rules in the first place. However, mistakes happen, we break rules sometime. But after breaking the rule, we should face the consequence of paying full penalty. We pay part of the money as bribe and later say he is corrupt. But are we not twice as corrupt as him here?

I am very optimistic about the new generation of India. They are 10 times more clever and intellectual than us. They have very good judgemental & reasoning capability. If only we are able to provide education to every kid in the nation, the day will not be far when India will be the most prosperous country and a superpower in economy, culture & technology πŸ™‚

Me: Absolutely Guruprasad! I soo totally believe in the potential of our youngsters and the nation.. Thank you very much for your time today and good luck for the future.. It was really nice to know you.. And I hope you can be a role model for many young indians who specializing in niche areas…

Readers, hope you enjoyed this edition of Coffee With Experts.. Previous interview with Vairam on Sangam Literature can be found here.

CWS is going to host Padmashree Anand Shankar Jayant for the next interview! Stay tuned! πŸ™‚