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28 January 2008 5 Comments

CAT(ch) – the actions for 2008.

A few guys had asked me how to go about preparing for CAT 2008.
Based on my experience of CAT 2007, I just thought I will compile a small FAQ.
This is the first in a series of GYAAN sessions, which will feature in my blog.

How long does it take to prepare for CAT? When should we start preparing for CAT?
Based on my experience, if you are strong in one area (either qunats, verbal or di), then you can prepare for CAT in about 6 – 7 months. Once you have a strong area, you can rally your strategy around that area.

When I started my preparation, I was weak in all 3 sections. So, I spent the first 2 months
only on quants and made it my strong area. So, overall you require 8 – 9 months of preparation.

How do I know how good I am before I start preparing for CAT?
If you join a tuition centre, in the first class, you will be given a test paper. Take that paper seriously. Judge how good you are. Else, Take CAT 2007 and compare your scores on pagalguy.com/forum.

Should we join a tution centre?
I strongly advise that you join. A lot of ppl have given CAT without joining tution centres. But I recommend that you join one. If you dont have time/money (its an expensive deal), try to join atleast the test series. More than the content, you will meet people of similar interests. Also, you will know how you fare among your peers.

Which tution centre should we join?
TIME & IMS are the standard ones. Career Launcher, Career Forum is also one among the top. But what you should consider is the distance of the place, how easily accessible is the place etc. No tution centre will clear CAT for you. Everything is the same. Dont waste time in travel.

Should I follow everything that is taught at class?
No. Use that structure for guidance. You can follow your own methods of studying, your own choice of materials etc.

Which section should we prepare more?
This is too early to judge. There are 2 stragies here. Prepare your strong section and become very strong. Or prepare your weak section and make it strong. Again, I will take up this question some other time.

Is it really a mind game?
Yes!! It is. It really is.
Be mentally prepared. First and foremost, accept the fact that this exam is a tough exam. Toughness need not necessarily because of the level of difficulty of questions.
It could be because of sheer competition. so, dont worry! Just be mentally prepared to battle it out!

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  • balaji said:

    you forgot the first question :
    what the heck is CAT? why is it so cool to give that exam?

  • Sundar Rajan G S said:

    @ balaji,

    I will discuss what is CAT, why MBA etc after I convert 🙂

    Right now, this is for those guys who knw what CAT is, but dont knw how to start studying..

  • Anonymous said:

    Hey Sundar!!!

    How r u doing…Would be looking forward to see ur article in daily on ur blog… So How many calls have u got dis year?


  • Sundar Rajan G S said:

    @ Ranjan,

    Thanks a lot!

    I got B & I calls.

    Watch out this space regularly for more gyaan!

  • Gargi said:

    Hey Sundar, it’s always a pleasure reading your blog.