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Gyaan – 2: Handling Quantophobia

1 February 2008 3 Comments

Continuing my gyaan session from where I left (gyaan – 1) , I want to focus a bit on quants today.

Quants is the pet name of Quantitative Aptitude, one of the sections of CAT question paper.
The “pet”ting stops just there. It is one of the most dreaded sections in CAT paper. It involves a lot of basic mathematical problems. Most of the concepts are based on high school mathematics. But this section involves a lot of application of knowledge.. Not the “Ratto” types

I was very weak in quants when I started off my CAT preparation. I used to take a lot of time in solving problems. But with a little bit of concentrated effort, I was able to convert it to my strength. I ended up with 99.5x percentile in quants. Ok, now this will give some confidence for you!!

Let me tell you what I did. I dont knw if the same method will work for you. I hope it does πŸ™‚

I accepted the fact that I was weak in quants.

I bought Arun Sharma book and worked out quants for 2 months. I completely forgot about the other sections of CAT paper. I did this around (late feb through april).

I started off directly with the big chapters.
1. Number Theory
2. Geometry
3. Time Speed and Distance
4. Time and Work.

After this, I started doing all the chapters in order. I did not do Permutation & Combination, probability etc.. because I was already good at it!

Now, what did I do in each chapter:
* Studied the theory
* Worked out Level 1 questions
* Then went on to level 2 & 3.

In level 2 & 3, If i didnt get a question beyond 15 minutes, I will mark it for second round.

Once I finish 2 or 3 chapters, I will look at all second round questions from those 2 or 3 chapters. If I still didnt get the answer, I will mark it doubt (which I never asked.)


But once I was done with the process, I got the confidence that I can solve any problem in that chapter. (Which actually wasnt the case, but what you should note is the word confidence)

As CAT is a mind game, this was just a confidence building process.. which gave me the mental strength to take the dreaded quants. πŸ™‚

I hope this advise helps you!
If you realized that you have only 3 months to cat and cant allocate 2 months for quants, just do the 4 chapters I mentioned and try to attempt questions from those chapters.

More on picking questions later..
For the moment, handle Quantophobia.





    I m also severely affected by this phobia πŸ™ .. But I agree , I m not putting any effort to improve it.

  • Sundar Rajan G S said:

    @ kb,

    Once you start working on it.. you can convert the phobia to strength..

    You have a lot of time.. Next 2 months dedicate to quants.. and u will be able do well in cat 2008

  • anand said:

    hey.. that’s a good strategy you followed. Actually i normally get low marks in QA in the mocks but in the 2 CATs that i have given, i have ended up getting more than 95%ile each time. Actually that’s to do more with accuracy than spped. I solved less number of questions both the time but got 90% of them right. But would surely try your method to get that confidence in myself for Qants.