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Interesting Comment from Senthil Kumar

6 December 2008 11 Comments

The following was an interesting comment which I received from Senthil Kumar.

I kick of with a heartfelt “Kudos” to Sundar. Nice work on your part. For sure this blog is of great use to all who are having and who had a reverie of HIGHER STUDIES.
I like the way in which your interview progresses.
My point here is its good that our college mates are booming with flying colours all over the world BUT a very few sorry “VERY FEW not A VERY FEW” mates of our college are concerned about the COUNTRY which brought us about. We were sculptured at NIT,Trichy which is deemed to be a INSTITUTION of NATIONAL IMPORTANCE by the Government of INDIA but we people show the least worry about the country. Not sure as to every one will be aware of this fact. CHANDRAYAAN launch not only took India to higher spirits but also a hidden fact was there in it. None of the scientist in that team was from IITs or MIT or any other foreign university. The team comprised mostly of Regional Engineering College Alumni (a thing to be very much proud about..)
But at present we don’t think so. Of course i do accept that MONEY plays a very important role. But people tend to take their level of saturation higher and higher and they never Saturate.
Many people while discussing about PATRIOTISM and INDIA tend to speak as if they don’t give a damn albeit there are traces of patriotism in them. That trace would surely magnify when people read stuff regarding that and when they discuss it without seeing persons eye to eye which can happen only via internet and i myself thought your BLOG would be very well useful for that. I am very well aware that the very purpose of your blog is not that. But my point is that people who are about to read your blog are going to be LEADERS (in what ever field they belong to.. )
For sure they would read about Ethics in books. But that may not reach the hearts though it would reach the brain.
So i would be so nice if you would also add something in this blog which would worry about the NATION BUILDING.
And various roles which OUR friends can play in that.
Take for instance ANTI CORRUPTION which is not a easy thing so deal with. This has to be imbibed and implanted in the heart so that as time flies by we can hope it would be fully grown tree to provide shelter.
ROME WASN’T BUILD IN A DAY so for a BRIGHT INDIA we can’t expect the results to be impulsive. It would take time like etching (Huh.. I am from ECE.. !!)
“On the Sands of times I build the castle of Hope ” that INDIA would be DEVELOPED. I opine you to make the thing as “On the sands of Time LET US build ” not only a castle but a real strong fort to Develop our nation in all FACETS.




  • sandeep said:

    Ya, I agree completely with this.All we care about is the money these days,we don t seem to go with the notion that just take care of your end of the job,the money will take care of itself.Besides that,money is not everything,you don t need an engineering degree to make money.

  • Ram said:

    It is quite an interesting perspective from Mr. Senthil. The answer to such confusion lies in the theory behind the very concept of Capitalism and Communism. In my view, Socialism is a middle-ground to these. Its a very fine balance between greed and irrational emotion towards one country(read “extreme patriotism”).

    But in my humble opinion, none of the great things are built with the sole aim of altruism. Atleast, not most. I may be wrong. You could definitely come up with a number of living and non-living great minds to refute my understanding. But you see, thats not my point. Chandrayaan was not built primarily to increase the prestige of our country. It is justified such a monstrous budget (considering the indian scenario) based on the acceptance of potential long term benefits which could possibly never turn to fruition. And its a feather in the cap to showcase Indian talent for the multi billion dollar satellite launch industry of which India is pretty much a pioneer now.

    So my friend, one should always care about money. It is the reason the entire world is functioning. It is the reason you are guaranteed your next day’s bread. One must be aware that if greed takes over ethics, then there is a good chance we would come to a standstill. Even then, it is not the money that led you to this. It is the greed of few men. An example for such a thing is the present scenario of the US.

    In summary, need should always keep greed in check. ISRO would pay more than NASA if they need good talent. And such good talent must be justified on all grounds. What is the use of great minds, if all that they have to grapple with are red-tapism and bureaucracy?

    There are much more complicated issues than money although I completely agree that money is also part of the issues. Every man lives to be happy. Either happiness is felt with a good bank balance or a passionate achievement in work, the hiring company must keep their employees happy for their own sake.

    So more than patriotism, if I were the one to set preferences for the aspirants applying for ISRO, interest in science and academic achievements would be given more weightage even irrespective of nationality. All I am saying is that ISRO should be willing to pay more, just for the reason NASA pays their employees handsomely.

    There are much more ways to demonstrate patriotism. Refusing to pay bribe, reporting corrupt officials to vigilance, protesting against bad roads, solving the traffic issues, ways to improve literacy, ways to improve employment, paying taxes properly are some of the ways I could think from the top of my head to show true patriotism. If you think none of them are your concerns, perhaps voicing against greed but great talents is the least of a nation’s concern.

    Just my few cents.

  • me said:


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  • Muthu said:

    Hey Senthil,

    I am an NIT-ian who fits your description of a “deserter”.

    I donot think of India in the pulsating way you call for world
    domination, and sweeping reforms.

    I am an engineer, and care for my profession and a place to
    do my work, and earn my respect. Country, comes second to me.

    I think if it needs to be in another country to survive, and thrive
    then I am willing to do it.

    Jumping ship is not evil.

    Working as an engineer to created and provide for the world
    in whatever small technical way, I can is progress in my opinion.

    I certainly donot cure world poverty, hunger, AIDS, cure cancer
    nothing like that. My means are modest, and goals selfish.

    Selfishness, Adam Smith called the “invisible hand of god”.
    Selfishness contributes positively, too.


  • Senthil said:

    Huh.. Good that people reply albeit it’s not completely on the postive axes.. Huh.. Then Mr.Ram twas a good go on your part.. I am working for a reply to yours.. Will be back shortly.. It’ll make sense that the post is not sojourn on this Blog.. !!

  • Suparna said:

    India is changing and we are the people who need to realise this high time that we are the ones to bring that change. Start working now towards it and bring about what we all deserve…Happy India 🙂

  • Senthil said:

    Ya coming to India.. @ Mr.Ram..

    There is nothing peccadillo in this world and the problem of improving India doesn’t hav a simple solutions..

    It has to approached from many a ways.. And by the way i never ever meant in my comment tat full stop to brain drain is the oly way to improve india..
    The thing is tat every one can contribute in the way in which he/she can right..
    For sure you can’t get into slums and do service to IMPROVE India unless you are social minded n sevice minded.. So the way in which the so called NITians and IITians CAN or say MAY contribute is that but preventing Brain Drain.. And for your kind info i am also one of the SO CALLED NITian

    “”If you think none of them are your concerns, perhaps voicing against greed but great talents is the least of a nation’s concern.””

    And for this particular comment of yours.. Once again when it comes to Strenghten a Country there is nothing called small concern big concern bla blah..

    Speaking in your point of view i.e MBA ppl.. You ppl manage the Business of a firm.. You are given a commanding post to tak decisions.. So given a situation you can’t jus lik tat ignore a situation a SIMPLE LEAST CONCERNED problem.. Nothing in this world is action of small magnitude.. Speaking in so called IITian and NITian way micrometer is really big when you compare it with picometer right.. So every thing here is relative.. So no problem and measure can be treated as a small one..
    A small mistake or irregularity commited but a low ranked clerk MAY affect highest authority .. Who knows huh..

    “”There are much more ways to demonstrate patriotism. Refusing to pay bribe, reporting corrupt officials to vigilance, protesting against bad roads, solving the traffic issues, ways to improve literacy, ways to improve employment, paying taxes properly are some of the ways I could think from the top of my head to show true patriotism. “”

    @ This.. Good tat you got good worthy points.. But when we can help with most proximal way.. How come you expect us to go out and solve TRAFFIC ISSUES..

    When we think plumbing the water pipe in our own house is of LEAST importance how come you expect us to go out to roads to solve water issues..

    So as a start we can contribute the way in which we can easily and then for sure we need to solve further more issues.. (After all we are the firing youths.. )

    And no offence by the statements so called IITians and stuffs.. Jus wanted OUR ppl to be more concerned bout our NATION..

    And @ RAM no offence was meant at your personally and i jus wanted to convey a simple point.. Never consider an problem as simple and least important..

    Rome wasn’t build in a day.. So we will wait for India to evolve into a GOOD nation.. Not necessarily INDIA but the whole world..

    A good analogy may be quoted here..
    Intially people tried to solve the issue of “HOW SOLAR SYSYEM WAS FORMED.. ”

    But as time flied by and science and perspective widened they started to wonder how universe was formed thus Bing Bang and all stuffs..

    So we will contribute for a good peace loving HEALTHY WORLD.. !!


  • Chabrell Igan said:

    God dag! Kan jag ladda ner en bild fran din blogg. Av sak med hanvisning till din webbplats!

  • Viesews said:

    emm. attractive..

  • Ram said:

    @ All those who say India is filthy , bla bla ,.. pls consider this

    If u r above 18 , u r in the “India” u speak ( remember , U still want to have the “NRI” status )