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IPL and changing loyalties

18 April 2008 3 Comments

The Indian Premier League was all set to make a debut today! My team manager Pranav Tiwari was kind enough to take us out for a team outing! We tried to get the tickets for the match at Chinna Swamy stadium, Bangalore. But we couldnt get the tickets. So we decided to go to a nice place for dinner and watch the match there as a team!! It was a lot of fun.

But what was the fun part in the whole evening? Well a number of them.

* From the time we left office, the discussion was which team should we support.. We had no idea about the composition of the team.. Bangalore had the suckiest team combination possible.. Looked like they misunderstood IPL to be a Test Match Tournament.. But that apart, we didnt know whom to support. Everyone wanted to support Bangalore, because we were all in Bangalore. As things started moving the Kolkata way, the team started cheering for Kolkata.

* The first thing we noticed as soon as we entered, was the Golden helmet and Golden Gloves of the Shah Rukh Khan Team. It was indeed very catchy!

* McCullum’s 150 was awesome… This was a great knock.. He single handedly changed the team’s loyalties..

* Another interesting discussion which had was.. Will Dravid and Ganguly Click.. We all were sure that they were incapable of playing great knocks and that indeed turned out to be the case.. But Ganguly atleast bowled well..

* It was very obvious that we switched loyalties from Bangalore to Kolkata.. Infact I expected this to happen.. Thats why, I switched loyalties even before the match had started!! Honestly, I didnt care a damn for the Bangalore team.. There are 2 people whom I admire a lot in this tournament… One is Sachin Tendulkar, and the other is the King Khan.. So my support will always be for Sachins team and Shah Rukh’s team.. I dont care if they own Mumbai or chennai or bangalore..

Apart from all these fun, one thing is for sure.. IPL has started off in a nice way.. It is actually fun to watch these games.. I wont watch IPL regularly, but I believe it has made a big impact.. Thanks to ICL, we see more innovation and investment in the game.. Also, IPL is showing the fact that Geography no longer matters.. I dont care a damn for Bangalore.. I am sure a lot of people are backing their favourite player’s team.. etc..
It is indeed making a difference..

Even after the match we were discussing about the IPL matches and the changing loyalties.. Most of the guys got down at office.. I took the cab and went home.. On the way, the cab driver asked what is the type of work you do.. I told Google is a software company.. And we build softwares.. He asked.. “Oh you do coding work is it?”… What the heck on earth.. Driver asking me “coding work?”.. I was so surprised at his knowledge.. “Yes, we do coding most of the times.. What have u studied?” He told that he is 2nd year Bachelors degree in Info Science.. I asked him when and why did he discontinue studing.. He told that he left his course 3 months back.. He studied in PESIT (one of the top colleges in bangalore).. He has a family problem and cant study anymore.. He also told me “I have to be loyal to my family now and forget about studies..”.. I reached my place… I got down from the cab and said.. “I dont knw what your family problem is, but I think u should finish your education.. I wish you all the best.. Please dont discontinue..” He gave a helpless smile and went away..

But his statement “I have to be loyal to my family now and forget about studies..” left me cold.. I meant, here I was talking about changing loyalties from Bangalore to Mumbai team.. both of which I dont care.. and I was giving global gyaan about loyalties.. And here is this statement.. It means soo much more about loyalty.. It is something which is going to come to my mind every time, I watch an IPL match..

What the heck is Loyalty.. I really dont care who wins IPL now..




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  • balaji said:

    good post!
    was goin to ridicule you till i read the last paragraph…

  • Shiva said:

    Ah!! How much more different can Loyalty mean to two people?

    IPL is bad for bowlers and good for ordinary batsmen. Bangalore has technically the best batsmen in Dravid and Kallis, but after IPL “best batsmen” will have a whole new meaning!!