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It doesnt really matter

27 February 2008 5 Comments

Varun was thinking of preparing for a marathon race.. With his busy schedule, marathon was the last thing he wanted.. Neither was his physique so good.. he had to work hard.. He was mocked by his close group of friends.. He just laughed with them.. making fun of himself :-), but he didnt lose his determination.. Inspite of all the parody.. He didnt lose his focus..

A journey of thousand miles begins with the first step..
He decided that there was no point just talking.. He decided to run.. He made a lot of new friends while running.. He was really excited on meeting them… He realized that he was in much better shape than some of them .. (Imagine.. how bad those people would have been..) But he appreciated their spirits.. He appreciated their enthusiasm.. He suddenly learnt that there is more to his life…

He kept on improving himself.. That was seen both in his efforts and in the results.. He inspired so many people to start running.. Some of the folks, who had given up their running.. were seriously considering running again.. Varun carried the spirit.. Varun carried the passion.. He is kindling the fire everywhere he goes..

Obviously, life is not always rosy.. Varun has to handle the challenges.. He has to run faster to win.. He has been striving hard.. He has been putting his heart and soul.. He is pushing himself.. But he also understands his other responsibilities and also realizes that those are his top priorities.. Running is just a hobby… And he is leaving no stone unturned to win (with all his constraints..)

His efforts have been amazing.. Everyone is waiting for race.. The biggest question that is hanging around is “Will he win the race?”

In this highly competitive world, varun is leaving nothing to chance.. But at the same time, he understands his limitations.. He enjoys every small accomplishment with his friends.. Yes, with the same set of close friends, who mocked him.. He knows one thing.. Although these guys mock him so much.. these are the guys who will be really really proud of him.. These are his friends.. who will be extremely happy for him.. whether he wins the race or not..

In the whole new *random (ad)venture*, varun has found a new happiness.. He has found a new topic to discuss over his lunch.. He has found a new passion..

Whether he wins the race or not, Varun is going to be satisfied with himself.
Winning or Losing doesnt matter..
Yes! It doesnt really matter..

What matters the most is that, Varun is enjoying running, for the journey.. and not for the destination..

Let Varun Win!!!!




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  • MaVeRicK said:

    Duh.. looks like the a googoyl, himself, is getting spammed out here.. ROTFL πŸ˜€

    Nice post, btw..

  • Sundar Rajan G S said:

    @ maverick,

    Yeah, I am in a way happy that people are put crappy comments… coz.. that means that the popularity is increasing..

    Right now I dont want to moderate it πŸ™‚

    Also, thanks for the compliment.

  • Sundar Rajan G S said:


  • Varun S said:

    spamukke spam a?