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Jana gana mana

25 March 2008 8 Comments

Jana gana mana adhinayaka jaya he
Bharata bhagya bidhata

Which Indian doesnt know these word.
I was listening to our national anthem on musicindiaonline.com
It has a huge collection of national anthem sung by various artists..

When I listen to national anthem, I have some sense of a great feeling.
I dont know how to explain it. I just cant put in words..
I felt like crying at some times…
I felt like standing up and facing the enemy at other times..
No wonder, our soldiers play national anthem everyday!

I feel my english is limited to express the subtleties involved in that emotion..
I can only whistle it.. Well.. May be not..

Bindhya Himacala yamuna Ganga
I felt I was standing in front of himalayas.. Blue sky.. White snow..
Strong wind.. Nobody around..
The only sound you could hear was a cloth flutter and flutter very hard..
Yes.. I see a national flag fluttering..
It was not drooping.. It was proud..
And I was standing far away from it..
I was just appreciating the beauty of this place.. and the pride of the flag..

Taba subha name jage
Taba subha asisa mage

I feel that national flag has embodied itself into a beautiful small kid..
And I was going to kiss it..

Jana gana mangala dayaka jaya he
Bharata bhagya bidhata
I really have goose flesh all over my body..
I dont knw what makes this happen..
I just love this.. I feel that a strong current running through me..

As the song progresses.. I get to see the India map divided into 3 parts like our national flag..
Jaya he.. The north Indian saffron roars.. Jaya he..
Jaya he.. The white central India sings.. Jaya he..
Jaya he.. The green south India uproars.. Jaya he..

The whole India joins together and recites..
Jaya jaya jaya jaya he
“Good morning teachers!” – I feel like uttering these words everytime.. Every single time I listen to national anthem..
We are used to singing national anthem in our school assembly.. And finally wish our teachers good morning..
A lot of us will associate national anthem with school days..
All these thoughts come to mind when I listen to national anthem (Alone!!!)

This reminds of an incident few years back… I asked my grand father..
Thatha, what comes to your mind when you listen to national anthem.”
He replied back..
“When I listen to national anthem, I become a 10 year old boy.. ”
“I only think of the day India really got independence..”
“I was wearing a brown shorts and I collected the toffees distributed by the school.. ”
“We all didnt knw wht that independence means.. But we were all so happy.. ”
“I have probably never been so happy in my life after that!”
“I have listened to so many many songs which makes me cry, which makes me feel good… ”
“But for me.. My national anthem is even better than my mother’s song to put me to sleep.. ”

“I have not done much to this country! But this country had done a lot to me..”
“I really can only think of myself as a 10 year old boy, enjoy the real independence in my school.. ”
I could see tears in his eyes..

Now friends, watch this video, I am sure, you will feel great!

Now, what came to your mind when you watched that video?
Pour your heart out!
Jai Hind!




  • taggy said:

    wer u standing up when the anthem was on ?

  • Sundar Rajan G S (author) said:

    @ taggy…

    No da! I was sitting only.

  • Sundar Rajan G S (author) said:

    I stand whenever I sing the song.

  • Ganapathy said:

    A great post! I have heard this national anthem by many artists many times on you-tube, and cried everytime that I miss my country 🙁 .. Though, i dint stand while listening to it..! As sundar says, I stand when I sing the anthem…

  • Chethan said:

    It reminds me of my bond with this Nation. And makes me realise that I have lots more to do to take this Nation forward in my own capacity.

  • Smruti said:

    It truly does makes you feel a heartful. But as Sundar rightly said, language can only speak what you can see and this feeling is much beyond that. Indeed a treat to read. Nice work Sundar. Jai Hind…

  • srividya sivaram said:

    a seven minute video brings out so many hidden thoughts of patriotism,freedom and so on……..
    this feeling though very difficult to express in words but is very beautiful to feel ……………. hats off to our freedom fighters who have given us the opportunity to enjoy this ultimate feeling…….
    my salute to great TAGORE for this wonderful work which expresses so much………JAI HIND!!!!!

  • Eduardo Cristobal said:

    Thank you for a very informative writeup. in my experience things are slighly more complicated than you make them seem. time will tell, but the problem is I do not have enough time. it is good to know we are not alone in the struggle. but you might want to reconsider some fragments in your post. after all, if it can do all that, why do we even need the rest anylonger? just a bit.