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Join (and) Change India!

17 March 2008 7 Comments

“In India, it is always like this only”.

How often have we heard this statement.
Be it the pot holes on the road, footpath-less roads, improper crowd behaviour, throwing garbage on the road, improper infrastructure, presence of slums, omni present corruption… What comes to our mind first..
“India will always be like this”

Well if you are one of the those few souls, who think “In India, there is a huge scope for improvement..” but dont knw what do or how to go about..
Here is a great opportunity.

Join Change India and Change India!

Last friday, Mr. R K Mishra (winner of Lead India Contest) was here at Google. He spoke about changeindia.in – A new forum for the next generation *Change Agent* to meet and act.

Change India believes in 5 step process to change our beleagured country.

1. Be a change agent.
2. Bring together other doers.
3. Make a policy impact.
4. Create a self sustaining eco system.
5. I will make a difference.

For more details visit the info page of changeindia.in

I was quite inspired by RK’s passion.
At CWS, I will try keep the social aspect in mind and ensure that I touch upon an *issue* every fortnight from the awareness perspective.

Lets Join and change India..
Join Change India!

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  • Varun said:

    I think one important point that totally agree with RK Misra is that, unless you goto vote, no one will care to do (as in politician) for you. If you want some politician to heed to your words, first thing is to not to miss your chance to vote. If every middle class “white collared” gentlemen and women understand that, it is far more easier for their(our) voices to be heard.

  • Gerard said:

    What is the use in voting, cause none of them actually do their job? Once elected they just want to make money for themselves and not to serve as a politician should. So whats the point in voting since all of them are the same?

  • Sundar Rajan G S (author) said:

    @ Varun,

    We should vote. Only when they believe that we are an vote bank.. they will something for us.

    @ Gerard,
    I have never voted. I was having the same view as yours… But I think, we are losing an opportunity.. *probably* we can find one guy who is good.. And if all of us start voting, they will try to entice us towards them by doing *something*

  • keshav said:

    Important: I have been trying ways to register for Vote ID in Bangalore, I wanted to find as easy mechanism for the IT folks. (I believe there is an online registration form)

    If I’m (and the people I know) to be taken for an example, most of us are too busy to Vote or pursue the concept of contributing to the Democracy.

    I need info!

    There are 3 Lakh IT youngsters in Bangalore and I’m sure most of them don’t have a say in the Karnataka govt!

  • Sundar Rajan G S (author) said:

    @ Keshav,

    I fully agree to the fact that we are too busy to Vote. This is only because Voting has *No* benefit to us as on today.

    If your vote is going to matter something.. Then I am sure, you will find ways to vote.

    If all 3lakh people start voting.. it will make a big thing.. People will start seeing this 3 lakh votes as a votebank and start doing something for IT..

    We should vote! I am going to vote this year!

  • Varun said:

    Today when you want something from the neta for development of your area, he doesnt care much even if you go and ask. One big reason is that, a neta always weighs anything that he does in terms of Money or Votes. If he gets money he does the job or if he gets votes. If you can pay money, go ahead. nothing stops you. If you want to get your job done and at the same time be straight, then you should make yourself “vote-worthy”. If he understands that you vote and if he messes up with you and you tell “your” people to vote for someone else and not him, its going to make him a difference.

    Netas care about the poor because they vote. They care about the rich because they have money. You(as in we) dont want to spend money, we dont want to put our votes, we want to get our job done. Thats our problem.

    The difference between the winning and losing party is roughly the middle-class strength. If we all go and vote, then you can topple a government. Get your vote for a wrong party. Get all your friends to vote. Thats okay and better than not voting. The next election, the netas will understand that if they dont do something good, they cant capture the 3L votes and they will be forced to add something for the middle-class. Things will start changing…

    We are in a catch-22 situation. Netas dont care about us because we arent vote-worthy. We dont care about politics becuase we think they are useless for us. Somewhere we have to get out, and for our own good, it is we who have to take initiative to get out.

  • Sundar Rajan G S (author) said:

    @ varun,

    Well said! This is precisely what we discussed post lunch