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Life Experiments

3 January 2008 6 Comments

β€˜All characters/situations in this blog post are fictional. Any resemblance to real people(dead or alive)/situation(past or present) is unintended’

Every situation in life is like swimming across a river. Every individual is a swimmer. He swims across the obstacles to reach his goal. His goals can be anything. It can be something trivial (watching a movie), realistic (doing a project at work), impossible (become a super-hero).. Irrespective of his goals, he swims across the river to reach the other side of the river (accomplish his goals)

Most of the time, he dives into the river with the guidance of a couple of folks. These people are like his leaders. He has a very high regard for them and hopes to take help from them on his way to his destination. They are the life guards for him! With this “trust”, he dives into the water, in pursuit of his goals.

Some rivers are very simple to cross! He probably doesnt need the help of the leader. This could be because of a couple of reasons. One, the river is not very broad/turbulent (Trivial Goals). Two, he is quite well equipped to handle the river himself. (Like some previous experience etc).. He just continues to swim in glory.. He just accomplishes his goals one after the other, with little or no guidance. He just keeps rocking πŸ™‚

He also learns to cross some really turbulent rivers! Man, these rivers are very scary.
How does he manage to do that? With the help of his leaders. Leaders warn him about all the dangerous points! He listens to them very carefully and executes the goal to perfection! Man, he will be very proud. (Like a guy, fresh from college, thrown into the industry, accomplishes his tasks with the guidance of his “mentor”)! And so will his leader be! Why wont he! Its because of the leader that he has been able to accomplish his task!! Its a happy ending..

Life is long and not everything is easy! There are times in life, when he has to swim across rivers which look very very calm on the surface. But the river is very turbulent inside. As usual he consults his leaders and plunges into to water with the same “Trust!”. But neither he nor his leader would have thought that he is going to tread a different path this time. This river is going to be completely different from the previous two experiences. The obstacles are going to be subtle, yet powerful enough to block him. He is about to tread a completely miscalculated path (yes, even leaders make mistakes). He is about to undergo an experiment of LIFE – Yes!!

Initially he swims at the same rapid pace with which he was accomplishing his goals. But some how, he was able to feel the disturbance slowly. He was getting too tired. That never used to be the case before. He felt that he hasnt progressed much, he felt very stressed. He realized that a water creeper tied around his leg and thats y he wasnt progressing! Alas, he had spent a while thinking that he has been progressing! He is looking up to his leader in the middle of the sea.. But he wasnt there to help him. Leader had also alloted some people to help him initially. Even they were missing!! He is all alone!

Just close your eyes and think! Middle of the river! Neither able to see the start, nor the end! Dont knw if you have to return back or head forward!! Where is the leader? Where are the helpers! He never needed them before, but now he needs all of them! Inexperience is speaking on his face! He is tensed! “Some one help me”, he feels like shouting – but keeps quiet, thinking that it was too dumb on his part to ask for help. That was a very big mistake he made! He continued to swim harder, but the creeper held him tighter! Suddenly, a “SINKING FEELING” started to come into him. He began to lose his confidence. With every minute passing by, he felt that the chances of seeing the other side was fading faster and faster.. He developed some new hobbies (for example: blogging, etc).. These made him to stay afloat in the difficult situation..

But there is something about this “floating” situations. They are extremely uncomfortable. Its always better to be either progressing (obviously) or sinking – atleast its done and over! But floating made him sick… There was a lot of pressure on him.. The supposed “deadlines” to reach his destination was over long back.. the very thought of it made him sink… On top of that, his leader whom he trusted so much was not there for him.. Its a very tough situation.. (like when you want your very close friend/brother/relative/father/mother to talk to you.. you are waiting for him to start the conversation.. but.. to your dismay, they fights with you – may be this is no comparison.. cant think of a comparison) he felt that the whole universe is conspiring and pushing him down.. he certainly realized the he is doing a “LIFE Experiment”.. he felt that “LIFE Experiment sucks”…

Did he sink? Did he float? Did he reach his destination?

“remember if its not a happy ending, Blog Post abhi baki hai”
(Sorry it was too long :-))

In situations like these, when you feels that universe is conspiring against you, some random activity gives the firepower to push every thing and jump out of the rut into some safe spot. It could be anything like a building firefox extension, watching a movie, talk to some one you love a lot, meet your old friend, it could just be even a nights sleep. It acts like a popeye’s spinach to push you out of the this whole mess and put in a safe spot!! Yes, one such activity helped him jump out of all these and land up some where. (Wow! Movie types?? Dont know – But it is true and one has to experience all this πŸ™‚ )

He landed some where. Not sure if it is his destination. But atleast he is back with confidence! Yo! There are wounds all over the body no doubt, but alteast he survived! This “LIFE EXPERIMENT” was a very steep learning curve for him. He learnt a lot of things.. like the value of hobbies, importance of expressing issues as and when it happens, learn to swim across obstacles etc etc.. importance of passion, etc etc.. But he lost all his respect for his leader.. His leader was supposed to be his life guard (atleast that is what he perceived!) What is the point in considering some one as a life guard and “Trusting” him so much when he ditched you!!
Anyways, atleast he is out of the mess!

There is something about “LIFE Experiments!”. First of all, it is difficult to digest the fact that Life Experiments! Yes, Life certainly experiments. It does so only with a purpose! To make you “Better!”. You might argue that is simple to say this in the end, when everything is clear.

The experiment of life is like a chemistry experiment. (dont remember the name, but we use pippets and biurets). Two solutions of different color combine together producing a solution of 3rd color. The 3rd color doesnt show up immediately, but at one point, things become very clear. Same is the case here.

Initially he felt that his leader ditched him. At one point, as a flash, he got the 3rd color. The Aha Moment! All along he thought that his leader was a leader only for him. But then, after the Aha Moment, he realized that he is a leader for many others. (Like Managers, who have so many reportees and wont have time to look into each and every ones issue!). But that is no excuse to leave him alone in the middle! But atleast he realized that his leader cared for him and that was just the one off accident! This picture made him understand the situation better. He took a vow that when he becomes a leader, he would ensure that such a situation will not occur!

He took some time off, waited for his wounds to heel (It wont heel very soon, but atleast it is better now and it will certainly heel!). He is set for another journey. (The otherside of the river is never so green that he can retire!) . He is more carefully accessing the river before diving into it! πŸ™‚

Yes, Life Experiments! Life certainly experiments! Life experiments are only for the good!

ps: Thanks for your patience πŸ™‚




  • The Maharishi said:

    ‘ey man..this post..was..simply…….sexy !!..briliant !

    ‘ey..but…life experiments…i don belive in tat…we shape our own life..we are its creators..’t does not experiment with us, what results is only bcos of us and our actions, not bcos some experiments are going on..well..tats ma opinion..!!..but….this post is tooo good..am sure u ll get nice responses for this one as well..!!..
    u are getting better n better !

    err..i dunno if u intended to mean something else in tat post, but this s wat struck me when i read it..


  • Ram said:

    good one…I understand…

  • Sundar Rajan G S said:

    thanks mahesh!

    Yes, there is a purpose in this blog post! πŸ™‚

    Probably ram understood πŸ™‚

    Its only a matter of time. You will understand soon as well! πŸ™‚

  • Anonymous said:

    dei bandar,
    very nice post da! it reminds me of that old sundar who used to blog from mountain view… i used to take printouts of ur posts and read them while coming to office πŸ™‚


  • Sundar Rajan G S said:

    Thanks balaji! πŸ™‚