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Luck or No Luck

12 June 2008 6 Comments

This happened sometime back… I was trying to book tickets to go to Trichy.. to attend an alumni meet..

On 30th April, I called up the KSRTC office to check if they have tickets for the 1st May..
The office boy verified his system and told that he had only 2 or 3 tickets.. that too.. only for Non AC – semi deluxe bus.. Everything else was fully booked..

Below Google Office, we had 2 ATMs.. I went there.. One of the ATMs was out of order.. At the other ATM, they were loading cash.. So the security guy told me to come after 1 or 2 hours..

Tickets to Trichy in semi deluxe costs around 450 rupees to and fro.. I usually carry so much money.. But on that day, I didnt have so much cash in hand.. So, I called up the KSRTC office.. asking him.. if he accepts card.. The guy told no.. Then I asked him, if I can block tickets.. and pay later.. He told that he doesnt have that facility.. He told me that there were 4 atms.. near the booking centre.. And I can go there and withdraw cash..

So.. I went to the shop.. He showed me the routes to 4 different ATMs..
I tried withdrawing cash in SBI, syndicate bank atms.. But they didnt accept my card… They accept only master card and mine was Visa.. Then, I went to Axis Bank atm, but this ATM was under repair..
Oh man.. I desperately wanted ticket.. And now I am such a pathetic state.. I went to another ATM in the opposite direction.. Even that didnt accept VISA..

Oh my god.. Whats happening.. I have to attend alumni meet.. And I am just unable to withdraw cash.. And there are hardly any tickets left..

I speak to that guy.. He says he cant do anything till I give him cash..
I had no choice.. But to return back..
When I went to office, I asked my friend Selvam, if he has some cash.. for booking tickets.. He asked me how much I wanted.. I told him that I wanted around 400 bucks..

Selvam told.. “Oh only 400.. I can give you right way”.. He opened his purse… only to find out that he hardly had hundred rupees on that day..
Selvam said.. “I always carry atleast 500 bucks.. But only today I dont have cash..”

Then Selvam asked me.. “Why are you going to trichy?”

I told him.. “I am going to attend this alumni function.. They are giving awards for distinguished alumni of NIT Trichy.. I want to interact with them and interview them if possible.. ”
Selvam asked me who are these seniors.. I told him to open the NITT website..

We opened the website together..

I read the first few lines of the page.. I found out that the event was on May 3rd and not May 2nd…

I heaved a sigh of relief..

Oh God!! Was I denied access to cash from all these sources.. only to avoid booking ticket on May 1st???
I should have ideally booked ticket for May 2nd.. Probably all these hindrances were only for a CAUSE..
I dont know if I should call this a “Luck”…..

What do you say?? Luck or No Luck?? πŸ™‚




  • balaji said:

    Its unfortunate that the Lady Luck read her calendar wrong.

    Chee, only if She had blocked you from attending that Meet, we would have been spared from three more interviews

  • Abhiram said:

    Happy endingsss πŸ˜€

  • Subhodeep said:

    That was some major play in probabilities… !!!


  • Sundar Rajan G S said:

    @ Balaji.. You wouldnt have been spared from interviews.. If i had reached one day earlier.. u would have got more interviews..

    @ Abhiram, Subhodeep..

    It was indeed a happy ending.. thanks to probability.. πŸ™‚

  • me said: