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Narayan Moorthy on CWS!!

27 September 2008 23 Comments

They say.. “Give it a shot!! You have nothing to lose.”

And thats exactly what I did.. This is a moment I never believed or dreamt.. This is THE moment.. that I am sooo proud of.. This is a moment that I am pinching myself to believe that it is true….

Nayaran Moorthy Sir has a message for young and budding leaders of the country through Coffee With Sundar

My advice to youngsters is: β€œHave courage and stand up for your principles and values; Dream big and realize those dreams through smartness, hard work, discipline and commitment. Always put the interest of the country above your personal interest”.

When I mailed Narayan Moorthy Sir asking for an advise for young and budding leaders, I got a prompt response, which you read above.

Thank you soo much sir.. I will follow your advice.

On behalf of all CWS readers, Thank you once again. This is a huge moment for CWS community.. πŸ™‚

Finally, A special thanks to my class mate Badri, who helped me with Narayan Moorthy Sir’s email id. πŸ™‚




  • srividya said:

    cool man….. your doing a great work… all the best and keep it up…
    amazing… mind blowing…:)

  • Chethan said:

    Too good. Keep up the good work.

  • Pradeep said:

    Wow.. Sundar.. Keep it UP !!!

  • Dhaneel said:

    That’s really great… πŸ™‚

  • Usha Krish said:

    This is great… I am going to follow this advice as well. Keep up the good work. I missed having coffee with you in a long time.. keep posting.

  • Sundar Rajan G S (author) said:

    @ all..

    thanks a lot.. it is this support from you people.. that is keeping me going.. πŸ™‚

  • Vishy said:

    Awesome dude!!! You are getting to greater heights everyday . Keep the good work going!!!

  • Karthik said:

    awesome !! πŸ˜€ superb dude πŸ™‚ keep it going man πŸ™‚ short sentences but the man behind it who inspires us all πŸ™‚

  • me said:


  • K. Sriram said:

    Dear Sundar,

    Great work, keep it up, Mr. Narayan Murty sirs advice for the youngsters will work like a booster tonic for them to acheive the best and make our country proud. Once again congratulations for the nice job executed.

  • Surya said:

    Oh thats really a high climb for your blog.Good work boy!

  • suren said:

    hey nice one sundar πŸ™‚

  • Swaraj Kanwar said:

    Smokin work budd!!
    Im still awaiting “The Metallica” on CWS..;)

  • Krishna said:

    Bhale..Great work..Great advice from a great man..

  • gautam said:

    hey came across ur blog only today..
    good work bugger..
    will surely get back to know more stuff..

  • Harsha said:

    Bhale @ Narayan moorthy sir and Bhale Bhale @ Sundar [:P]

  • Biswadeep said:

    Great job man

  • vinod said:

    gr8 feathers make gr8 birds [:)]

  • nisha said:


  • Mayank Daga said:

    Hey Sundar, great work.

    can you please help me with Narayana sir’s email id. I would like to invite him to our college, NIT Durgapur for a fest. My email is dagamayank[at]gmail[dot]com

  • shivam dubey said:

    sunder can i get email id of mr. NRN actually I am a fresher with me about 2000 freshers r there who r waiting for there Date of JOINING in infy we all placed in infy last year
    & not getting any satisfactory reply from the helpline nos. provided us so we all lost our 6 months since we have completed our degree in june 2008,so please give us the mail id of mr NRN.

  • raghav said:

    i am doing what you did.. I am not writing to mr naraynmoorthy… I am writing to you… I am an average man… I have a thought or an idea that i believe can bring about a great change to how our country functions.. And such thing can be initiated by a person of his stature.. I want a private channel to communicate it to him… Please suggest me how to do it… I would like to let you know that I certainly do not have a personal agenda to it.. The thought struck me and I just want it to reach and reach only someone as big and as patriotic as mr nmrthy…

  • Swe said: