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One Night At Call Cenre

2 December 2007 No Comment

Hey Guys,

Yesterday was a day I was really satisfied. I picked up a book and finished it straight in 4 to 4.5 hours.

I am not the greatest of readers.. I hardly read anything except the text books. But when I shifted my house from Cambridge Layout to Rammoorthy Nagar, I had a solid 45 minutes journey time to Office. I started reading only because I had so much time. I started off with Argumentative Indian, and then went to complete the The World is Flat, Freakonomics, HBR digest, Dilbert Principles, Inheritance of Loss. Now, I stumbled upon this book by Chetan Bhagat – One Night At Call Centre. And believe me, I finished the book in one go. I pat my back for my accomplishment. 🙂 I am really satisfied about that the fact that I finished it in one go.

Unfortunately, the satisfaction ended there.

The book has a lot of positives. It aroused a lot of interest when I read the “God Calling” introduction. It was certainly the easiest read among all the books that I have read. Its a really informal writing. The sarcasm was really really good and there were times when I laughed aloud. The character description was great. Picking up the Shyam character for narrating the story was a good choice because he seemed to undergo the situation that almost eveyone undergoes. You can “relate” to him. Other Characters have some extreme elements.

But honestly, thats all about the book. The story is really really stupid I would say. It is certainly a good read, but it is not real. It projects americans as really really dumb species on earth. The God factor was a bit too much honestly (Especially in the end when he says that it was god who narrated the story our chetan) It can made as a movie and I am sure it will be super hit movie considering the crapiness of the story. Some parts of the book really drags on. I could predict what was happening.

Anyways, if you are a regular reader, please dont even consider this book. If you are someone like me, I think you may probably want to pick up the book.

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