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Orkut Privacy

14 September 2007 No Comment

Google has finally added a feature that will not only cut down on spam, but will also help some ladies out who are often harassed by losers looking for a date.

No official word from the Orkut Blog, but if you log into your home page you might see this message on your screen:


If you don’t see it simply visit your privacy settings page which can be found at this link: http://www.orkut.com/PrivacySettings.aspx

Next, scroll down to the allow scraps to be written by section…


…and click on the drop down menu to select who can send you a scrap.


You have to option of opening up your scrapbook to everyone, friends of friends, or just your close friends.

After you have selected your preferences, hit the save changes button near the bottom and bask in the glory that spammers will have one less victim to harass with a useless product (not to mention girls will no longer find disgusting messages posted by desperate losers).

Note: Now the only way this could be better is if Google found a way to give everyone the ability to hide their scrapbook from strangers, sort of what Blogger has for its users, then this would be perfect.

{Via Inside Orkut}

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