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orkut redesign

27 August 2007 2 Comments

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orkut’s blog promises a new interface for Google’s social network. “The one comment we always hear is how orkut’s simplicity keeps long-time users coming back and new people signing up. So as we work away planning improvements to the site, we always keep this in mind.”

orkut has recently changed the homepage and will launch a revamped interface in the weeks to come. “The change isn’t live yet, but starting soon, we will start rolling-out the new look. To start, we will roll it out to a small group of users randomly selected, and will continue to do so until everyone is on the new site.”

If you don’t see the new interface yet, here’s how it looks like:




  • Rajan said:

    hi…. It is tough to read with the font and background….. Can you please change it….. Rajan

  • Sundar Rajan G S said:

    Did you mean the images? I have changed the images. I think you should be able to read them.

    If not please let me know what the issue is. I will fix it.