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Patience & Persistence Pays! Happy 2015

31 December 2014 4 Comments

Hi All,

Since 2010, I have been writing New Year posts with messages which I learnt in that year.

“Grow up once again! Happy 2010”

“Be Awesome! Happy 2011″

“Be a seeker! Happy 2012

Take a plunge! Happy 2013

So this is fifth year! I am already happy that I am continuing to persist with these.

It was very interesting year for me in 2014. Almost all my public side of life had quietened down. Hardly 15 posts in CWS website; No New paintings, although I hosted my first ART exhibition this year. Hardly 3 or 4 status updates on FB. This is an incredibly low activity year for a person like me who is always doing something or other.

But it is not that I didn’t do anything. I did a lot of serious thinking. I learnt some important lessons as I searched for answers inwards. I have a lot of questions which continues to be unanswered. But it is work in progress. I searched, researched, spoke to people… Eventually I spent  quite a lot of time looking with in.

I learnt to calm down this year. I am known to try too many things. Almost to the point of stressing myself and others around me. I stayed focused on my career this year. I read quite a lot, but most of the books were either professional or related to work in some form or the other. I got a new Nexus phone at the start of the year and started consuming HUMUNGOUS amount of information, once again related to career. I worked really hard. I hardly smirked this year. I had stretched over odd weekends as well. It all paid off as I got promoted. I was also rewarded with a spot award last month.  I really persisted this year. And it paid off well. I had immense satisfaction in solving some hard problems, both at work & at life, simply because I persisted. I would have quit / moved on in any other year.. But this year I learnt to calm down and face really hard situations by “JUST SHOWING UP”.

Part of the reason for this thought process was because I travelled a lot this year. The biggest bonanza was the Beijing & Great Wall of China. I never imagined traveling there. Thanks to work, I got a chance to visit China. Other than this, I travelled to Singapore / Malaysia for Vacation. In US, I travelled in California, NYK & Atlantic City. I had been to CA way back in 2007.. This time, I went there with a different perspective. Or maybe, I formed these perspectives when I was there. This renewed experience of slowness, oldness & calmness helped me steer through the year.

Every year I have a left a message to CWS Readers. But this time, I would say. Just let the year pass through.. I am sure things will fall in place whatever may be your initiative. Just be patient and hang in there, be persistent. Patience certainly pays.. You have to just wait for it to pay off..

Wish you all a Happy, Calm & Self Fulfilling 2015

5. Beijing





  • EV Iyer said:

    Reading this New Year entry gave me a sense of calmness and serenity,

    Wishing you well in your pursuit of happYness,

    EV Iyer

  • Vijay. P. K. R. said:

    Your persistence is definitely bound to pay rich dividends. Since your style of writing and your presentation are excellent.

    Let us keep in touch.

    Welcome to my blog at http://books-era.blogspot.in/



  • Syed said:

    Wish you a prosperous Happy New Year 2015!

  • Vijay. P. K. R. said:


    Best wishes to you and thanks for the response.

    Could you let me know about my blog at http://books-era.blogspot.in/