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Pawan’s IIM Lucknow Interview Experience

16 February 2008 2 Comments

The following is my friend Pawan’s IIM L interview. He was my batch mate at REC Trichy. He studied Mech Engineering there. He is now working ITC.

The following is his interview experience. As written by him.. 🙂

P1: Panelist 1
P2: Panelist 2
Me: Pawan Raghuveer

P1: Tell me about yourself.
Me: I started about schooling plus two… so on.. then graduation.. was telling about extracurriculars..

P1 interrupted: who is the vice president of india?
Me: Mr. Hamid Ansari.

P1: Mr. Hamid Ansari??!
Me: Yes sir.

Me: Then I told about recruitment with ITC.. my role in the tobacco plant etc…

P1: Cigarette is injurios to health! Does your conscious permit you to work for a cigarette major?
Me: Cigarette smoking is an adult personal choice,there are no promotions as it is illegal, and moreover the government has allowed it. So its ok as for me..

P2: So tommorow if I grow cannabis and sell it will t be ethical?
Me: Sir, ethics is what a person derives from his societal and family environment. Our society has always disallowed such products.

P2: But its much lesser addictive than tobacco. Do u think that then it is ethical?
Me: No sir. Its immediate psychedelic effects are much worse than tobacco and its not favourable to the society.

P1: In that case it is similar to alcohol. So should alcohol be banned?
Me: It may be harmful but it is a necessity of the society. So again it is a personal choice.

P1: What does Raghuveer(my surname) mean?
Me: Its another name for Lord Rama

P1: Do u think Lord Rama was ethical? In the context where he killed vali from behind and then justified this action.
Me: He was unethical sir. Its against the rules of warfare to attack from behind.

P2: Everything is fair in war. If we were to follow all rules, we wouldnt be waging wars.Do u think wars are right?
Me: Thats a different issue sir. War is not at all good. But they arise out of need for supremacy and greed for more. So it is always justified in the name of something or the other.

P1: What is a cold war?
Me: (I dint kno properly) It is a competition among nations for supremacy in technology, resources and hold over the world economy.

P1: So that is cold war?
Me: Yes sir. Thats all I think it is

P2: So in that case nowadays also there is a cold war between USA and Japan?
Me: There is sir. But it is not explicit.

P1: What is a carnot cycle?
Me: It is a thermodynamic cycle that defines the most ideal heat engine. No engine can be more efficient than this.(I think i’m right)

P2: So you are a mechanical engineer, now threshing tobacco. Tell me how u thresh tobacco.
Me: Thresher… rotor.. told properly

P2: So there must be a lot of accidents and injuries?
Me: I think most manufacturing companies with maual operations do…

P2: Yeah. How is the safety at ITC? How many accidents did u have this year?
Me: We set very high standards for safety. Our guidelines are very good and we follow it completely. This year there were no major accident. But some small injuries.

P1: There weren’t or u dint report?
Me: (smiling) Both sir.

P1: What do you do if there is an amputation?
Me: We compnsate the victim as stipulated by government.

P1: Do you pay more than government requirement?
Me: No sir. We pay just as much as stipulated.

P2: Ok. You are already a manager getting hands on experience in managment. Why do u wanna do an MBA?
Me: Sir. I have always believed that formal education is the only way of laying a strong foundation and no amount of hands on experience can substitue that

P1: And look at your salary. You will probaby get similar after you pass out. Will you still bbe as enthusiastic about studies when you think of this.
Me: yes sir. I’m convinced about formal studies and I really don wanna miss this chance.I wanna dedicate this phase of my life to learning and getting the fundamentals right. And moreover with growing responsibility in the organisation I may not be able to attempt this in the future.

P2:Thank you Pawan. You are through with us.

P1: Which other shortlists?
Me: B I L

P1: all the best.

Me: Thank you sirs.