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Photos from NIT Trichy

5 May 2008 No Comment

Hi Guys…

Had a great time on saturday and sunday in NIT Trichy.. Here are the pics taken during Distinguished Alumni Award Ceremony. Photos arent very great..

But there are lots of changes in college..

When I was in first year.. There was hardly any comps in the hostel rooms.. I still remember.. when a lot of *Kandu* seniors going to a guys room for watching him play games.. etc..

By the time, we were in final year, almost every one had a comp.. I took my comp in 5th semester… The trend was to have comps when you go to “Individual” rooms..

Even that trend changed.. People started to bring comps right from first year..

I saw a few laptops trickling in to campus by the time I left.. But now, the trend is to have a laptop.. Its assumed that you carry a laptop.. Well things keep changing..

I noticed something else trickling into campus.. I can see that the college has around 10 – 15 bikes.. These are not the bikes from day scholars.. Its only a matter of time, when bikes are going to take over the “Great Cycles” 🙂

Lets Wait and watch.. Change is constant.. 🙂



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