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Proud Moment! Listed on Alltop

27 June 2008 7 Comments

Hey All,

I am very very happy to inform you all that CWS is listed on india.alltop.com

Alltop.com hosts the RSS feeds of top content.. and india.alltop is collection of news, views, opinions, content from Indian sites..

I am very very happy… to see CWS in that List!




  • divesh said:

    congrats!! Sundar

    its gret to hear about the alltop thing..thats awesome, I have been regularly following ur blog for the past 3 months, but never left a reply, today when I got to know about the alltop thing I found it really amazing and thought of leaving u a message, u are doing great.
    And I hope that even when u will be busy with ur program at IIMB, u will take out some time and will keep updating us with the awesome content..


  • Prashant said:

    Gr8 to hear tat Sundar. Congrats !!

  • Jithin said:

    It’s wonderful to hear that! Congrats!

  • Shaunak Bangale said:

    You rock.. NITT rocks and so do we..!! 🙂
    Hearty congratulations!!! I’m not only reader of ur blog but your fan in actual life.. I have not met u but can imagine ur mind.. This fan-thing started when I read about ur passion. That’s to get knowledge and spread it in our own world..The joy it gives is uncomparable…That gave me a life-time mission and reason to learn the new things.. cool…keep it up!! (What can I say more than this!)

  • Sundar Rajan G S said:

    Hey all.. thanks a lot.. It wouldnt have been possible with out u guys..

  • Alagu said:

    Hey Sundar!
    Congratulations, keep on blogging!

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